Easing HR’s Workload with Chatbots
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Easing HR’s Workload with Chatbots

Photo by:   Christin Hume
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Cinthya Alaniz Salazar By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Thu, 02/03/2022 - 10:15

Challenges continue to mount for human resource (HR) departments in Mexico, which for the past two years have had to contend with new work models, employee wellness, new regulatory compliance standards and, most recently, talent scarcity. In an effort to avoid compromising the ongoing development of these tasks, HR departments stand to benefit from adopting chatbots into their processes. 

While the utilization of chatbots has been predominantly aimed at supplementing customer service experiences, the technology can optimize companies’ HR processes by delegating and automating repetitive tasks and questions. In other words, chatbots would supplement the productivity of HR professionals by alleviating their workload so that they can focus on tasks that require human touch. Chatbots can add value to companies and employees alike in recruitment, knowledge direction, employee satisfaction, candidate sourcing and career site conversions. 



Recruitment, one of the most critical HR responsibilities, can be a lengthy process depending on the number of interviews each company requires. When there are many applications for a single position, it can be complicated to manage. Using AI, a chatbot can help perform initial screenings by asking questions that coincide with the company's desired parameters. Moreover, it can easily take over interview scheduling, an often cumbersome and time-consuming process. 

Knowledge Direction

Beyond serving as a de facto database, chatbots can direct personnel to information regarding company’s HR procedures, common questions, labor laws and insurance coverage, among others. This precise and expedited experience gives employees the comfortability to ask as many questions as they like while minimizing the amount of time wasted in follow-ups between HR staff. 

Employee Satisfaction

Through a chatbot, employers can interact more with employees. In medium and large companies, it is sometimes difficult to be aware of the company’s environment. But chatbots allow companies to conduct surveys to find out how employees are doing or even send out invitations to attend social meetings.

Candidate Sourcing 

The chatbot can look at open requests, match them to people in the database and then reach back to see if they want to engage. It will also screen requests and schedule the ones that make it through the screening process. 

Career Site Conversions

The chatbot’s conversational interface can help those who land on a company’s career site get key questions answered, later guiding them to relevant job postings or send them directly to a recruiter to engage.


Overall, while human interaction should remain an integral part of recruitment and retention, HR professionals stand to maximize their time and functionality by incorporating chatbots. In line with the digital transformation there is also no need to continue conducting recruitment processes manually, especially in a market defined by scarcity.

Photo by:   Christin Hume

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