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Emerging Technologies Enhances Businesses’ Digital Transformation

Pablo Gallegos - HCLTech
VP and Country Head Mexico


Tomás Lujambio By Tomás Lujambio | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Tue, 10/03/2023 - 12:50

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Q: What role do HCLTech's Innovation Labs play in enhancing the services offered to clients?

A: HCLTech's Innovation Labs, a global network exceeding 60 labs across various locations, are integral to our mission. They seamlessly collaborate to incubate new concepts and employ cutting-edge technologies to deliver groundbreaking solutions for enterprises. These labs serve as the intersection where business and technological innovation converge to benefit our customers and their clients. Our dedicated labs focus on specific domains like cloud, IoT, Fintech, Cybersecurity, GenAI, and networks, channeling innovative initiatives that transcend traditional boundaries.

HCLTech’s innovation labs collaborate extensively with leading technology providers like SAP, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Dell Technologies and many more. Through these strategic partnerships, we create and enhance products that push the boundaries of technology. In these labs, we continuously explore fresh ideas, concepts and features, enabling us to remain at the forefront of technological advancement.


Q: What technology has had the most significant impact across different industries?

A: The technology making the most profound impact across industries is AI, specifically Generative AI (GenAI). Gen AI plays a critical role in our innovation labs, primarily due to its rapid evolution. Many of our clients across diverse sectors are keen on taking advantage of the potential of AI to fuel innovation while also ensuring it is delivered in a secured and trusted manner. Amidst the transformative influences of visual intelligence, cloud computing and 5G in the technology landscape, GenAI emerges as the most pivotal component.


Q: What key benefits do HCLTech's AI-driven data analytics solutions bring to clients and what challenges might they face during implementation? 

A: AI is changing the way that we analyze data, nearly effortlessly generating a lot of information and business insights. The power to analyze large amounts of data efficiently gives any organization monetizable advantages. 

The challenges that most enterprises encounter concerning AI are specifically related to ethics, information reliability, governance and sources of information. Many companies are putting special attention on ensuring their AI follows the regulatory framework. Ensuring the ethical use of data and maintaining the reliability of information sources is paramount. 

Our GenAI Labs develop industry-specific solutions leveraging the power of GenAI to offer personalized and data-driven experiences to enterprises, improve decision-making processes and drive business growth while addressing all challenges stated above. Our GenAI labs draw from expertise embedded in HCLTech Cloud Native Labs in London, Dallas and Noida, India.


Q: How is HCLTech contributing to the evolving technology landscape and digital transformation in Mexico?

A: HCLTech is contributing to Mexico's evolving technology landscape in three key areas: Digital Business Services, Digital Foundation Services and Digital Process Operations. 

The Digital Business Services division allows organizations to seamlessly integrate next-generation technologies with their business strategies, fostering innovation across various domains. We help clients adopt new technologies, enhance their decision-making through data-driven insights and cultivate a digital workforce mindset. This division provides services ranging from applications support, maintenance and modernization, data analytics powered by GenAI and digital consulting, among many others.

Digital Foundation Services assist companies in building resilience while enabling their business transformation. Resilience is crucial as businesses evolve and we help organizations optimize their existing infrastructure before modernizing. At the end of the day, it is all about maximizing the value of distributed workloads and transforming business models within a highly dynamic environment.

In Digital Process Operations, we focus on digitizing and integrating processes across functions like product development, sourcing, manufacturing, warehousing and logistics. Our services span from application support to data and analytics powered by AI, bringing many benefits and reducing costs. We help organizations reduce the cost of their operation while increasing their profitability. 


Q: Given that HCLTech offers a wide range of technological solutions and services, what is the company's stance on open innovation as a way to propel technological development forward? 

A: HCLTech's unique differentiator lies in its extensive digital ecosystem, strategic alliances with leading technology companies and a highly skilled workforce, facilitating the integration of cutting-edge technologies to drive business value. We are also proud to have garnered recognition from renowned analysts across various industries, such as Gartner, Forrester, Everest, IDC and Avasant.

HCLTech is firmly committed to open innovation, a stance rooted in our core values. In addition to our formal innovation labs, which serve as propellers for groundbreaking work, we actively collaborate with the startup ecosystem that introduce fresh ideas, products and technologies. 

We give particular emphasis to the startup ecosystem because we firmly believe that these companies are already significantly contributing to advancing the global technology innovation agenda. We also foster innovation from within our organization, recognizing that our people are our most valuable asset. We have established programs that encourage our employees to submit and develop their innovative concepts, providing them with the necessary resources and recognition for successful initiatives. These initiatives create additional value for not only for our customers but also for our internal systems and processes.


Q: HCLTech committed US$15 million to address global freshwater insecurity. How have these initiatives supported water-focused entrepreneurs in freshwater resource management? 

A: Our US$15 million commitment underscores our dedication to corporate social responsibility. We focus not only on our customers but also on our people, our communities and our planet.  We are present in over 60 countries and truly believe that impact comes from within. In Mexico, we recently engaged with our partner, One Tree Planted, in tree-planting initiatives to contribute to the local environment. We also allied with organizations like Laboratoria to promote gender diversity and support underprivileged individuals, especially women, in pursuing careers in technology. 

On a broader scale, HCLTech has given back over 3.6 billion liters of water to communities, using 20 times less water than we consume in our operations. We also made a positive impact on over 7,000 people with disabilities through various programs. We are also introducing another program that will help underprivileged high-school students in Mexico stay in school rather than leaving to begin working. This program aims to incentivize them to keep studying while providing them with financial support. At the end of the program, these students will have the opportunity to participate in some existing project within the company. 

HCLTech remains dedicated to fostering innovation, advancing technology and making a meaningful difference in the world through a range of social and technological initiatives.

Photo by:   HCLTech

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