Evolution of Data Science, Cybersecurity
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Evolution of Data Science, Cybersecurity

Photo by:   Lukas Blazek
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Cinthya Alaniz Salazar By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Thu, 12/16/2021 - 18:27

We are living in a data economy, but it is only over the past two years that the public and private sector alike have learned that investment in security infrastructure to protect information is a necessary business expense.

Meanwhile industry leaders look forward to establishing consumer confidence as a growth strategy in 2022. Data-generated insights and a robust cybersecurity strategy offer companies permeance in the digital era. Sustainability is not a forgotten objective as new strategies emerge for ICT companies.  


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A Cultural Shift in Cybersecurity

As the importance of cybersecurity begins to take root in Mexico, AMECI wants to help establish a foundation of awareness, says General Director Ignacio Sotelo.

The Ideal Cybersecurity Partner for Vertical Companies

Data Warden accounts for vertical industry needs which require both robust security infrastructure and continuous operational availability, says CEO Jesus Navarro.

Delivering Technologies for Banking’s Next Generation

Masseroni explains how Mambu’s services fulfill its original promise of using technology to motivate financial inclusion.


Industry Trends

Evolutionary Steps We Must Follow to Thrive in 2022

To move forward successfully, we must respect the past by consciously evolving to become better at what you do, writes John Clayton of Arista Technologies.

Trust First: A Winning Strategy for Going Digital

Just as you cannot love someone you do not trust, customers will not choose a brand they cannot rely on. Jaime Morales, Regional Director, Docusign, discusses how to get there.

How to Make Business Data Your Most Valuable Asset

Data does not just help measure results or identify customer preferences. It can ensure survival, writes Shelley Pursell of Hubspot.

Cybersecurity: Core Component in Corporate Strategy

In the new digital era, every company is vulnerable to cyberattacks. Do not be a target, writes Patrick Rinski of McKinsey & Company

Reducing ICT Carbon Impact

Telecom operators and vendors around the world are setting aggressive goals to reduce their carbon impact, writes Joaquin Saldaña of Huawei Technologies Mexico.

Photo by:   Lukas Blazek

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