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Finding Leadership Wisdom in Big Data

Juan Pablo Daniello - HORSE


Tue, 02/01/2022 - 10:39

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Q: What experience in the consulting sector would you consider the most formative in the founding of HORSE?

A: My professional background prior to the consulting sector was in journalism and communication. This led me to specialize in public relations and to work for renowned PR firm Edelman, where I met my fellow HORSE founder Cristian Marchiaro. We worked together in one of the largest PR and communication agencies in Argentina. It was there that we worked with companies and leaders from all sectors, especially with technology companies. In the course of this work, we identified areas of opportunity when it came to data-based decision-making at an executive level. Decisions were based on previous experiences but they were not justified by any recent data. This implied there was inefficiency in a number of processes because time and money were lost on incorrect and unnecessary decisions. 

As a result, HORSE was born from these experiences. We wanted to offer a consulting service backed up by evidence provided through big data tools and approaches. We developed our technologies for this purpose, composed of large sets of data points from a variety of sources that include traditional media channels, social media, events and industrial chambers. Those data points are inputted into statistical models that we developed with economists to generate recommendations for a company’s management team. This is a unique consulting service because  while many companies offer social media measurement tools, also known as “social listening,” our technologies work under a different logic that can incorporate many more dimensions. 

Q: To what degree is your company part of a cultural shift in regard to corporate decision-making?

A: This cultural shift that takes executive decision-making from an intuitive place based on experience to one based on data has been an ongoing process for some time. It is analogous to the process where innovative products and services are adopted: it is a gradual process that begins with early adopters who understand and promote an innovation before it becomes a trend. HORSE has been in the market for three years and when we started presenting these ideas to potential clients, it sounded like science fiction to them. Now our methods are much more accepted. Our rankings have helped us to establish the authoritative nature of our approach and give us a great deal of exposure and visibility by allowing us to establish direct contact with the top spots. In addition, our rankings allow us to communicate our methods and approaches as an alternative to traditional surveys and rankings that other consultants and publications develop. Today, companies have never operated in such competitive markets, and our data services provide them with an essential window into their competitors’ choices.  

Q: What differentiates your “Charly” platform from other similar tools and technologies in the market?

A: The scraping technology that our platform uses for gathering data is open to the public. For instance, all data that we use is available online from certified sources. The platform organizes everything into a database that is read and catalogued by a series of algorithms and machine learning applications. This allows us to build the documentation that we provide to our clients or our rankings, or to browse the answer to whatever question we might be pondering. While the proprietary technology we use is cutting-edge, we also understand that, in the long term future, a technology like ours will slowly become a kind of commodity that is widely or narrowly accessible to all as data becomes more and more openly available; nevertheless, we infuse it with value through our approach to data selection. Our main differentiator is our criteria. We achieve this by converting these carefully assembled volumes of raw data into metrics that are readable to a company’s executive committee. There is a saturation of information in today’s world. Even people working at the highest levels in the public and private sectors do not really know where to look for reliable information. Therefore, this makes technologies that highlight curatorial skills and sensibilities that narrow down media and data noise into objectively verifiable directives extremely valuable.


HORSE is a consulting firm that uses big data technology, AI and statistical modeling to generate strategic, executive decision-making for major international brands in various sectors within the Latin American and Spanish markets.

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