FLASH Miami: Introducing Drift’s Conversation Cloud
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FLASH Miami: Introducing Drift’s Conversation Cloud

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Cinthya Alaniz Salazar By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Wed, 03/16/2022 - 08:56

The COVID-19 pandemic forced companies to defer to digital multichannel communication for B2B sales, an approach prone to convolution, a fundamental problem where responsiveness and personalization is vital. In address to this market need, B2B commerce and marketing company, Drift, has consolidated its three core conversational solutions to empower organizations to deliver a personalized experience at all stages of the client’s journey on a singular cloud solution platform.

“Everything starts with a conversation and in-person communication, and experiences are taking a back seat to the conversations we have online, especially in our business relationships. Businesses are relying more and more on digital experience platforms—or in our case, conversational experience platforms—to bridge these connections and manage key customer interactions, touchpoints, and engagement,” said Leo Teneblat, Chief Product Officer, Drift.

The shift to digital-first has increased competition in all markets, thereby making it harder to sell, market and service effectively. Meanwhile, consumers have become more educated and consequently more demanding, expecting speed, convenience and excellent service. Amid the pandemic, this mismatch has made buying scenarios incredibly complex for B2B companies with over 60 percent of purchases involving four or more people, according to Forrester. Failure to connect these experiences has resulted in an underwhelming buying experience, which has undoubtedly impacted company sales.

“Translating click-based engagement into buyer-led enablement across interactions requires conversation design that senses and responds to spoken and unspoken buyer needs across complex and connected buying journeys. Conversational interactions help B2B organizations meet buyers where they are in their journey, enable their buyers and customers in the moment, and inform the next interaction. The impact of poor execution, however, can have a lasting negative impact on the buying journey, customer experience, and even the brand itself,.said “Dialogue In Demand", by Jessie Johnson in, Forrester’s “Dialogue in Demand.".

Drift has concentrated these independent solutions under a single platform thereby providing to provide a holistic conversational experience powered by with artificial intelligence (AI) at all stages of the customer journey. Its underrunning Conversational AI component is the cornerstone to transmitting conversational fluidity to B2B communications, guiding visitors to answers to their own questions, providing, personalized recommendations or booking sales meetings—day and night. Its services include:


  • Drift Conversational Marketing: Conversational Marketing connects marketers and website visitors in real-time conversations to surface the right content for visitors, answer their questions, or qualify and convert best-fit buyers through the funnel.


  • Drift Conversational Sales: Conversational Sales helps sellers close deals faster by giving them a unified place to get real-time buyer insights, collaborate with teammates, and jumpstart personalized conversations through chat, video, email or phone.


  • Drift Conversational Service: Conversational Service provides real-time personalized customer care and helps support agents focus on high-priority customers by deflecting low-level issues or empowering customers to answer their own questions and routing in a service agent to chat live when they need human help.


Concentrating these independent capabilities on a single platform was a logical progression for the company, as it came at the direct request of its over 5,000 customers. These customers which anticipate that Drift Conversation Cloud will improve sales team’s efficiencies and accelerating increase revenue.

“Drift is leading the way in both technology and partnership–their technology accelerates the time to value in each and every conversation through sales, marketing and customer service while sharing our company values of female leadership, inclusion, diversity and extending a hand to those in need,” said Matt Quirie, Founder and& CEO, ROI DNA.


For more information, read Drift’s press release here.

Photo by:   charlesdeluvio

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