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Is the Future of Medicine at Your Wrist?

By Andrea Villar | Thu, 09/17/2020 - 17:21

Apple does not intend to be left behind during the pandemic. On Tuesday, the company led by Tim Cook presented the new Apple Watch Series 6, which includes a new sensor that measures oxygenation in the blood and other features that aim to increase the number of health services available to the user. To measure blood oxygen, Apple Watch uses red and infrared light and artificial intelligence algorithms to give results in 15s. It also takes measurements in the background which are stored in the health app so parameters can be set and users can be warned if levels fall below recommended levels.

Sumbul Desai, Vice President of Health at Apple, explained that this improvement will serve to see how the respiratory system, lungs and the balance of blood components work. "We want to analyze how to better control asthma using physiological signals from the Apple Watch," said Desai at the virtual event.

Likewise, the iPhone manufacturer is making alliances with various health institutions to measure the effectiveness of the new sensor and even determine if it is capable of detecting a person with COVID-19. Part of this strategy includes Fitness+, a service where Apple users will be able to access personalized workouts by paying a subscription, which will be synchronized with the clock to record the metrics in real time.  

More news below:

  • If we are going to live longer lives and have more years of education, says President of Regulation and Development of Artificial Intelligence Oscar Poblete, parenting is key to developing the necessary changes in our consciousness, values and principles. “We can invest the majority of our budget to improve parenting and to understand that parenting is the need and responsibility of human society,” he wrote for Mexico Business News. 

  • Digital platforms such as Uber, DiDi, Amazon, Netflix, TikTok, Facebook, Zoom or Spotify that do not comply with the taxes proposed by the López Obrador administration in FY21 will have to pay penalties and may even have their services blocked. The government determined that when a digital company resides abroad and must use the internet infrastructure of a national concessionaire, the latter can establish a mechanism that allows it to block access to company services.

  • The renewable energy market is booming but COVID-19 has made it difficult to put boots on the ground. Drone photogrammetry is helping overcome that hurdle. The high-tech approach to collecting data helps companies to optimize the layout of wind and solar farms, it enables efficient civil engineering and aids in obtaining environmental and social permits.

  • Oracle confirmed on Monday that it is part of a proposal made by ByteDance, owner of TikTok, to the US government to become a technology partner of the Chinese company. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the Donald Trump administration received a proposal from Oracle over the weekend to make the TikTok video application a US-based company.

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