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Google to Open its First-Ever Physical Store in NYC

By MBN Staff | Thu, 05/20/2021 - 23:22

Google will open its first physical shop, which will be located in New York City, this summer. At the Google Store, customers will be able to browse, test and buy a variety of the company's products, including Pixel phones and Pixelbook computers, as well as Fitbit and Nest devices, the company said on Thursday. Google will also offer clients the option to buy online and pick up in shop. The retail shop will be part of Google’s urban campus in Chelsea. The company added that it views the store as a “natural extension of our long-time commitment to the city.”

Just as the Apple Stores, Google will also have experts on hand to help visitors with their devices by troubleshooting an issue, fixing a cracked device screen or helping customers with installations. “It does not matter whether you are a long-time Pixel user, are curious about our Nest displays or want to participate in one of the how-to workshops we will offer throughout the year, our team will be able to provide you with the help that is specific and personalized to your needs,” said Jason Rosenthal, Vice President of Direct Channels and Membership at Google, during the launch presentation. The announcement, according to Reuters, signals that Google has followed Apple's lead in operating physical shops and offering in-person services to boost sales. The company led by Tim Cook recently celebrated the 20th year anniversary of its first retail store.

Google is not the first company to venture into this approach. Microsoft experimented with a series of flagship shops around the world to showcase its products and services in an attempt to create an ecosystem around its brand. However, in the summer of 2020, it announced that it will permanently close its 83 retail locations to focus on its online store.

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  • As e-commerce boomed due to the pandemic, most businesses took the initiative to launch a digital store. However, most of them were faced with the reality that opening a digital sales channel involves the same or even more work and investment than a brick-and-mortar shop. In this interview with MBN, Iván Palomera, Co-Founder of international digital agency Smartup, shares what companies should focus on when venturing into the digital sphere to make the most out of inbound and data-driven marketing and promote client loyalty and retention.


  • If there is one job that is most often undervalued, it is that of cleaning professionals. According to the International Cleaning Association in Mexico, there are more than 3,000 cleaning service companies but 80 percent of the industry dedicated to cleaning and hygiene is made up of informal companies. Melina Cruz, CEO and Co-Founder of Homely, an on-demand marketplace to match cleaners and users, shared this information in her first article written for MBN. “Many cleaning professionals are often ignored or undermined, regardless of whether these activities are carried out in homes, offices or businesses, even though they are performing tasks that nobody wants to do, that we all demand and from which we all benefit,” she explains. Read here the full article where Cruz writes about how Homely is working to provide dignified treatment, wages and legal benefits to all cleaning professionals in Mexico.


  • How many entrepreneurs in Mexico are working hard just to end up having a pretty small business? This is the question asked by Ulises Vázquez, Co-Founder of Mureni, in his article written for MBN. According to Vázquez, the lack of venture capital education in Mexico hinders wealth development. “If the government, educational institutions or the private sector are not investing in venture capital education, we as a country are losing billions from the lack of disruptive companies that entrepreneurs could start,” he says. “Today, young entrepreneurs have greater chances to get into this path as they are learning.” 
  • The National Electoral Institute (INE) launched a WhatsApp chatbot developed by the company Auronix to establish a direct communication channel to resolve any doubts about the upcoming elections on Jun. 6. “Under no circumstances will the tool request or store personal data of those who consult it,” INE said in a statement. The service will be available from May 25.


  • Microsoft’s Internet Explorer will be discontinued and no longer supported for certain versions of Windows 10 from June 2022, the company said on Thursday. Although the company replaced Internet Explorer with Microsoft Edge in 2015, the flagship browser launched in 1995 remained active. According to web analytics firm Statcounter, Chrome had a 65 percent share of the global browser market in April, followed by Apple's Safari with an 18 percent share. Microsoft Edge has a 3 percent share. 
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