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Sofía Hanna By Sofía Hanna | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Mon, 04/25/2022 - 09:32

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Q: What services does delt.ai provide that are unavailable in other financial products?

A: All businesses have to budget for numerous payments, including advertisement, rent and payrolls. For a business to be successful, it must separate its payments from operational and corporate expenses. Delt.ai developed a solution to sustainably manage a company’s corporate expenses and payments instead of treating them as day-to-day costs. 


Most market products focus on facilitating expense management. Our company goes even further and prioritizes transactions that could be considered the core of a company’s operating system.


Q: What benefits do delt.ai clients gain from using its services?

A: From the start, delt.ai has worked to differentiate its service from those of traditional banks and provide a fully remote service. Some of our products and services can now replace those of traditional banks. We tailor our products to the customer, allowing businesses to take control of their expenses. 


We are making delt.ai a full suite of solutions, rather than focusing on a specific area that could interest clients. We are constantly investing in innovation to keep our services innovative and fresh. 


Q: When will Delt.ai relaunch its corporate credit card and what benefits will this bring to clients?

A: We will relaunch this product in May 2022 alongside Mastercard. This partnership allows us to offer a credit card and several features that make it more useful for customers. The new program will allow companies to have more control over their payments. It is also safer than other options and it does not depend on third parties.


Q: How will delt.ai ensure that all transfers are secure and confidential?

A: Transfers at delt.ai are based in SPEI, the Mexican System of Electronic Payments created by the Mexican Central Bank, which has state of the art security measures and it’s currently the backbone of banking transactions nationwide.


Safety and transparency are the most valuable characteristics of our products. We leverage the benefits of SPEI which is very secure and safe, to benefit our clients. 


Q: What are the reasons behind delt.ai’s successful market penetration?

A: One of the reasons behind delt.ai’s success is the high quality of our loans, which allowed businesses to tackle their day-to-day problems using our services. We want to offer them even more value-added tools to help them manage their daily finances. 


By migrating most of their operations to our platform, businesses can have more information, control and connectivity. The need for connection and simplified payments was always there; the challenge was empowering business owners to manage their finances without becoming experts in the matter. 


Q: Why did delt.ai choose to start its operations in Latin America?

A: Over 50 percent of Latin America’s economy is sustained by SMEs, which also provide seven out of every 10 jobs in the region. However, the needs of those companies were not provided for by the traditional system. We chose to stay in Latin America because we believe we can make a change. We can have a large impact by helping this significant part of the economy. 


Q: What are the company’s expansion plans and goals for 2022?

A: We are focusing on Mexico because it has significant potential. During the first quarter of 2022, the company grew 12 times in volume in comparison to 1Q21. We want to continue growing at this pace, which will only be possible because of our team. We expect to double our volume again in the short term. 


Delt.ai is a Mexican technology developer that offers financial and business management solutions. Its services include loans specifically tailored to SMEs.

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