Hits Book Named Most Innovative Company by Oracle
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Hits Book Named Most Innovative Company by Oracle

Photo by:   UX Indonesia
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Cinthya Alaniz Salazar By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Wed, 01/26/2022 - 16:24

Oracle for Startups named Mexican technology company Hits Book the most innovative startup during its first quarterly StartUp Idol event of 2022. This acknowledgement comes a few months after Hits Book was similarly recognized for having the best innovative solution, solidifying the company’s profitability.

“We can say that a startup is innovative when its technological solution responds in a conclusive way to the client’s needs, improving the sector in a disruptive and incremental way, adding commercial value to the industry development,” said Arthur Rabelo, Regional Manager, Oracle for Startups Latin America.

Hits Book specializes in the creation, management and monetization of user generated content (UGC) stemming from the oldest marketing tool: consumer-to-consumer recommendations. This solution is most relevant for brands, media and agencies that want to utilize the organic creativity of their customers to build consumer-confidence and credibility. This unique market approach has allowed Hits Book clients to increase the probability of purchases by 70 percent and turn hesitant consumers into prescribers of their brand.

At Oracle’s StartUp Idol, Hits Book demonstrated to industry leaders in Latin America that its market-fit and technology platform is able to disrupt the market by putting consumers at the center of the creating marketing process. The technology platform makes campaign management, collection and even legal right transfers as frictionless as possible so companies can seize on market opportunities as they arise. In this edition of StartUp Idol, what captured the interest of evaluators was Hits Book’s emerging projects such as added-value services for new and emerging companies, which do not yet count on a large consumer base.

“We already showcased Hits Book to a crowd of people working in the retail sector and we identified many synergies between various Oracle solutions and the Hits Book platform. In summary, Hits Book is proving to be a super interesting startup to work with as it brings a very innovative approach to our customers,” said Rabelo.

Under the direction of CEO Juan José Artero, Hits Book will be incorporating artificial intelligence for the automatic review and filtering of UGC content into its SaaS model and strengthening its community of more than 550,000 content creators to explore the potential of new regional markets.

Photo by:   UX Indonesia

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