Huawei Opens Second Cloud Region
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Huawei Opens Second Cloud Region

Photo by:   Huawei
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Cinthya Alaniz Salazar By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Tue, 10/26/2021 - 16:56

As a committed digitalization partner to Mexico's private and public sectors, on its 20th anniversary, Huawei announced its second cloud services region in Mexico as a demonstration of their continued investment in the country.

“Our new Cloud region is proof of our strategy and commitment to clients in Mexico and Latin America and represents Huawei's consistent investment in the country, including the computing infrastructure, the service team, the sales team and also the investment. Huawei firmly believes that Mexico is one of the benchmark countries in Latin America and as long as Mexico demonstrates the success of the adoption of the Cloud, other countries will follow,” said Liu Jiude, Executive General Director, Huawei Mexico.

Mexico has not been immune to the rapid digitalization process that the COVID-19 pandemic stimulated. In order to accommodate to the new reality and limitations the global health crisis presented, companies and state institutions that had once resisted technology and digital innovations saw themselves obligated to adapt. During this period managers have observed an 86 percent increase in digital transformation investment, while within this group one-fourth expect allocated funds to continue to grow. At the market’s current rate, the country could potentially see a full cloud adoption in one to three years’ time.

To meet Mexico’s forecasted exponential market demand and promote the individual success of its clients, Huawei opened a new cloud services center in the State of Mexico with domestic talent to guide its clients through the adoption of this technology. Beyond the initial onboarding and actualization process, Huawei provides added-value data analysis critical to promoting long-term success. Using the insights obtained from big data companies Huawei has identified new market niches and narrowed in on consumer preferences, leading some clients to restructure their business models. Public institutions also stand to benefit from this technology, just as Mexico´s education system did, reducing costs and expediting the remote-learning adjustment by half the time.  

“Since we opened our Cloud operation in Mexico in 2019, we have grown this business area over 80 percent,” said Lucien Liu, General Director, Huawei Cloud Mexico. "We have been offering our Cloud services in key industries such as education and fintechs, among others."

Through this experimental period, Huawei has demonstrated that cloud computing services go beyond the obvious business and commercial sector. Every industry stands to benefit from a flexible, data collecting, self-prognosticating system that over all leads to a more innovative and competitive market. 

Photo by:   Huawei

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