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Hybrid, True Work-Life Balance the Least That Employees Expect

By Shelley Pursell - HubSpot
Director Marketing for Latam and Iberia


By Shelley Pursell | Marketing Director Latin America and Iberia - Thu, 04/21/2022 - 12:33

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Since the COVID 19 pandemic, our work and personal spheres have been increasingly intertwined and now coexist in the same space: home.

Initially, both companies and workers suffered from having to find new ways to balance work obligations, while at the same time, remembering that everything was taking place on home turf. Now, it’s common to hear a dog barking during online classes or the sounds of street noise during an important work meeting. As the months went by, people learned to accommodate both in the same space and, above all, adopt it as a new way of life ... forever.

The younger generations also play a fundamental role in this scenario. Those who have never worked before, much less in an office, had to learn to do everything at home, or wherever they had a steady internet connection. There is no longer any doubt that workers can be productive without the need to remain in the same physical space with fixed schedules.

Despite the success of remote work, many companies still expect an imminent return to the office. However, the talent market is different than it was two years ago and employees are now more aware of what they should expect from their employer: permanent hybrid work models as well as strong benefits packages. It is precisely in this coexistence that they have acquired the conception of a better outlook in the work arena: professional life and a family environment that is truly balanced without sacrificing one for the other.

Maintaining opportunities for hybrid work post-pandemic is fundamental for HubSpot. We know that giving employees the freedom to choose where they do their best work is no longer nice to have but is key to attracting and retaining employees who have become accustomed to the flexibility that working from home gives them.

Beyond offering hybrid work, companies now more than ever have the challenge and opportunity to better support their employees, not only professionally, but also in the pursuit of a better quality of life. At HubSpot, there is already a deep awareness of this, and that is why we have developed extensive programs to help employees balance both their personal and work lives.

HubSpot knows that planning family growth is a major part of this but it can often be very complicated. Women often face the dilemma of sacrificing a job and a steady income with becoming a mother. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Work and Personal Success

HubSpot has developed maternity planning support for all its employees, aiming at a strict and real balance between personal and professional life to promote the integral development of everyone.

The mission is to build and boost a culture that empowers women by identifying opportunities, providing resources, and encouraging mutual support at every stage of their personal growth, as the intention is to be a catalyst for the advancement of all women in the workplace and a benchmark for best practices in closing the gender gap and building a fairer corporate world.

HubSpot is not only the leader in CRM for growing companies but is also leading the charge as a company focused on the well-being of those who make up its ranks. It is more than an employer; the company aims to build a support network for people to achieve balance between their personal and professional lives and developed a broad portfolio of real benefits to reach this goal:

  • Women@HubSpot is a community that promotes growth environments, providing resources and professional training for female employees to help them to develop as much as possible.
  • Understanding that family planning can take place at different times of life, HubSpot offers financial support for the payment of treatment and associated medications to employees who decide to freeze their eggs, thus promoting the freedom to decide when and how they want to become a mother.
  • While choosing parenthood can be exciting, it is also challenging and a very personal decision. That's why through global healthcare providers, HubSpot makes available for its employees a variety of consultation resources on fertility, adoption, surrogacy, in vitro fertilization, and intrauterine insemination.
  • Maternity leave of 18 weeks applies not only to mothers but also to the primary caregiver in the case of adoption for same-sex couples. Paternity leave is longer than the legal requirements because mothers need a lot of support during the first weeks of the newborn. In this regard, men working at HubSpot receive six weeks of paid paternity leave.
  • When women return to work, there are breastfeeding rooms in the offices, promoting continuity in the connection between mother and baby. Along with this, there are also all the free physical and pedagogical resources to help the new mother in this new phase of her life.
  • In addition to the above, HubSpot has flexible policies for parents, which encourage employees to always prioritize their families and their personal lives; to this end, an alliance with the Modern Health platform is underway, which provides employees with a wide range of workshops and resources on physical and emotional health and wellness.

HubSpot aims to be a company that adapts to the new realities and needs of people, who are the center of the corporate mission; it places the human being as a priority so that he/she can develop and be, in all aspects of his/her life.

Photo by:   Shelley Pursell

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