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IFT: Mexico Needs National AI Strategy

By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Thu, 08/04/2022 - 10:00

This week, the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) called for a national strategy to address the ethical, economic and security implications of AI. Industry leaders considered the added-value of an external perspective in the development of cybersecurity controls and how Latinas are affecting the technology ecosystem.

In international news, the global cloud services market grew by 33 percent in 2Q22 and Microsoft announced new security solutions as the incurred costs of cybercrime continue to climb.


This week in Technology news and developments:



ITF: Mexico Needs to Outline a National AI Strategy

The IFT called for the development of a national AI strategy given its diverse, cross-industrial applications, according to a press release. Salma Jalife, President, Centro Mexico Digital, underscored four immediate pillars of concern: innovation, connectivity, data and cybersecurity.  



Microsoft Announces New Cybersecurity Solutions

An increasingly hostile digital ecosystem incurring over US$6.9 billion in cybercrime calls for the development of new intelligent management cybersecurity solutions. Building on this vision, Microsoft announced two new security products: Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence and Defender external Attack Surface Management, according to a press release.


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Outside Looking In, Fortifying End-to-End Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has been a constant cat and mouse game where defenders must be prepared for every single attack, said Eloy Avila, Americas CTO, Darktrace. Global cybersecurity leader Darktrace uses machine learning to understand behavior across an entire digital ecosystem. “Darktrace’s new PREVENT technology allows organizations to understand their vulnerabilities both externally and internally. The data gives us a fast overview of the potential attack, its origin and threat actors’ likely target, such as an IT database or customer data.”


Latinas Are Influencing Tomorrow’s Technology Ecosystem

Few Latino women are working in the technology sector, prompting female leaders to create a space that provides the resources and opportunities these women need to thrive, innovate and lead in the technology industry, especially in Mexico and Brazil. “Mexico has a completely different sociopolitical and cultural context from our other chapters, shifting our primary concern from leadership in tech to expanding participation in the tech industry,” said Rocío Medina van Nierop, CEO and Co-Founder, Latinas in Tech.



Global Cloud Services Expenditure Jumps 33 Percent

Sustained demand for data center consolidation, application migration, cloud-native deployment and other applications has driven the global cloud infrastructure services market to a new high, jumping 33 percent to US$62.3 billion in 2Q22, according to a Canalys report.


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