Industry Leaders Ally to Tackle Security Infrastructure
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Industry Leaders Ally to Tackle Security Infrastructure

Photo by:   Vishnu Mohanan
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Cinthya Alaniz Salazar By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Thu, 01/13/2022 - 17:54

The collective wisdom and shared experiences of technology industry leaders could foster the development of a more secure data infrastructure and processes in Mexico, said CONSEJOSI.

Meanwhile, an imperfect rush towards digitalization requires companies to reevaluate their security infrastructure to bolster the country’s digital transformation. In international news, IBM purchased Envizi to support its environmental, social and governance (ESG) pledges.


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Data Protection Policies Based on Collaborative Security

CONSEJOSI addresses cyberthreats through an environment of support and protection for companies.

“Unlike consultancy services that help companies build a cybersecurity strategy, we help businesses coordinate with each other to boost their security following the principles of collaborative security,” said David Taboada, President, CONSEJOSI.


Traceability Company Sets Mexican Logistics Trends For 2022

Traceability company Beetrack outlined the five logistics trends that will drive Mexican technology in 2022. Beetrack reports that user-technology interconnectedness is the driving force behind the emergence of its proposed trends.


CIOs Mexicanos & LATAM: A Community of Expertise and Support

CIOs Mexicanos offers Latin American tech leaders the opportunity to engage a community of experts to reduce risk and advance operations at no cost.

“One of the greatest benefits from being a member of our almost 200-member organization is the ability to draw on their collective wisdom and career experience, which can help inform everything from channel referrals to business challenges,” said Juan Carlos Ortiz, VP, CIOs Mexicanos & LATAM.


Industry Trends

Security: A Priority and the Promise for a Post-Pandemic Future

Guaranteeing user security is essential to maintaining the continued productivity and growth of companies, industries and the national economy, said expert contributor Manuel Macedo, President, Honeywell Latin America.


End-to-End Solutions Help Spur Mexico’s Digital Transformation

Ricardo Galicia told MBN about the importance of Mexico’s ongoing digitalization and the role that Lenovo plays in its success.

“Public institutions need a digitalization infrastructure that can support millions of users accessing information in real-time, which is where Lenovo guarantees that this transition occurs smoothly and safely, in regard to the data’s integrity and accessibility,” said Ricardo Galicia, Mexico Country Manager, Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group.


Consequences of the Digital Mad Dash

The imperfect rush to churn out digital and technology solutions for nearly every industry sector has inadvertently created risk opportunities for cybercriminals to exploit, which initially collided with an indifference to security preparedness in Mexico at the public and private level.



IBM Acquires Envizi to Impel ESG Practices

The acquisition of Envizi, a leading data and analytics software specialized in environmental performance management, will allow IBM to capture the growing number of companies invested in adhering to ESG practices.

Photo by:   Vishnu Mohanan

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