Gustavo Gutiérrez
Broxel Fintech
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Innovation Adds Value to Payment Systems

Wed, 02/21/2018 - 11:00

Q: What opportunities did you observe in the Mexican market that led you to create Broxel?

A: The transactional revolution we are experiencing goes well beyond payment systems, as it involves a revolution in connectivity that exists between humans. We have gone from having a barely connected world to a hyperconnected one, which is perfectly informed. This change represents an opportunity because it removes barriers and allows new companies to enter the market. The foundation of this change is technology.

For this reason, we dared to innovate; we wanted to take advantage of this revolution. Moreover, we wanted to address the needs that users and the market would develop by providing them with solutions to make any type of payment. Our goal has always been to innovate and to put into the hands of the final user all the necessary platforms. Our core is transactional innovation.

During the last six years, Broxel has developed a series of platforms that allow us to add value to different segments: our B2B offer and our nascent offer to the B2C market. For our B2B clientele, we have developed internal platforms that allow us to offer tailored solutions to institutional users, which translates into a value offer for their final users. Now that we have covered the B2B market, we are now venturing into the B2C market with an app that integrates payments.