Investors Return to Simpler Autonomous Vehicles: The Week in Tech
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Investors Return to Simpler Autonomous Vehicles: The Week in Tech

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Antonio Gozain By Antonio Gozain | Senior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Thu, 02/02/2023 - 10:00

Autonomous vehicle development has proven to be harder and more expensive than expected, so investors turn to startups that target simpler self-driving solutions. After robotaxi firms have spent billions on technology that could still be many years, if not decades, away, investors are looking for startups that burn less cash and are preferably already generating revenue, Kasper Sage, Managing Partner, BMW iVentures, tells Reuters.

UK’s Oxbotica, Swedish Einride, US Outrider and UK’s Aurrigo International are among a number of companies drawing investor interest with more focused approaches, aimed at simpler, smaller customer segments from mining vehicles to tractors and forklifts.


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ROSEN Launches Revolutionary Cleaning Analysis Service

ROSEN has launched a revolutionary Cleaning Analysis Service (CAS) solution to provide consumers with valuable data that improves duct efficiency, minimizes risks and increases operational success. The solution´s objective is to leverage the often-overlooked information that can be gained by analyzing data from pipeline cleaning operations.

StockX Opens Authentication Center in Mexico City

StockX opened a new authentication center in Mexico City, Mexico. The new facility in the company’s growing network brings enhanced customer experience, including greater access to local suppliers, faster shipping, expedited payouts and drop-off functionality for local sellers.

Micronizing APIs Under Containment

A key hurdle pharmaceuticals face when dealing with active principal ingredients (API) is improving their solubility and bioavailability. To meet this challenge, Swiss Group Dec is implementing micronization, the latest technology for reducing the particle size of these potent active components used in manufacturing medicines.


Apple’s New HomePod “Plays it Safe”

Apple’s HomePod speaker, which will become available on Feb. 3, is “more of a do-over than a successor” to the original HomePod, reports The Verge. Despite six years of development time, the inaugural HomePod did not succeed and Apple discontinued it in March 2021.

The “all-new” HomePod speaker will be priced at US$299, more expensive than Amazon’s US$199 Echo Studia and the US$219 Sonos One.

Biden Moves to Slash US Credit Card Fees, App Charges

The White House unveiled new efforts to slash credit card late fees and cheapen the prices that Apple and Alphabet charge on mobile app stores, as part of a larger policy drive to promote competition in consumer markets, officials tell Reuters.

Photo by:   Unsplash

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