Jalisco Expands Internet Access to 125 Municipalities
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Jalisco Expands Internet Access to 125 Municipalities

Photo by:   Umberto
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By MBN Staff | MBN staff - Fri, 03/11/2022 - 16:36

Infinet Wireless, global vendor of fixed wireless broadband connectivity solutions, helped Jalisco address its existing digital divide and increase public connectivity coverage to 125 additional municipalities emanating outward from its capital, Guadalajara. Network Jalisco (RED), the state initiative charged with overseeing this ambition, hopes to continue expanding this critical infrastructure to foment greater economic activity.

“[Infinet Wireless] wants to expand the project in the future to continue boosting the country's economy, in addition to having network coverage with 100 percent Infinet Wireless solutions,” said Miguel Angel Romo, Director, Project Red Jalisco.

Emanating outward from Guadalajara, where internet services have been concentrated, the public–private partnership oversaw the implementation of 100 percent Infinet Wireless technology to over 5,200 remote sites, achieving a capacity of 20 Mbps. this service will provide high performance internet capacity to over 12,000 sites, including schools, hospitals, libraries, public parks, high schools, administrative offices, CCTV networks and tourist places. This progress is a significant stride at addressing the state’s digital divide, providing more than a million citizens with internet access, while taking into consideration the security, inclusivity, social and economic development, growth and management of Jalisco.

The possibility of using Infinet Wireless technology emerged from a strategy of technological evolution, previously applied in an existing project to deploy 512 Infinet Wireless links in the 3.3 GHz band using WIMAX technology. The project proved successful and later expanded to the deployment of over 400 Point-to-Multipoint radio bases of the InfiMAN Evolution product range, operating in the 6 GHz band.

The new project followed a public tender, in which the winning companies decided to continue deploying Infinet Wireless solutions because of the excellent performance shown during the previous phase.

The wireless network enabled the state to install 5,200 interconnected sites, in turn providing connectivity to over 1 million inhabitants in both major cities and small municipalities with little or no technological development.

Photo by:   Umberto

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