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Keeping Mailing Strategies Short, Concise but Strategic

Guido Boulay - MailUp
Regional Director Latam


Sofía Hanna By Sofía Hanna | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Wed, 04/06/2022 - 12:15

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Q: How is marketing automation saving time for companies and helping them to reach the right customers?

A: Marketing automation can be helpful for all types of industries because it helps them have relevant communication with customers. Bulk marketing campaigns might have good results but do not help the company to become relevant. Customers receive large amounts of communication constantly. If a company wants to be effective and build a great relationship with the customer, it needs to stand out. Automation marketing should be a key part of any company’s strategy because it can be the difference between being seen and going to the spam folder. 


Q: What growth strategies do you expect to trend in 2022 in terms of marketing?

A: Machine learning will have great importance this year because many strategies involve the use of customer data platforms (CDP) and customer relationship management (CMR) software, in which success relies on the ability to connect different touchpoints within the organization. If a company is able to put all the information that comes from just one user’s experience and process it properly, it can obtain important insight that will make it more effective with its communications. Machine learning helps process all the data and to process it for segmented target audiences. 


Q: Is sending emails the new SMS in terms of marketing? 

A: Every channel is useful for certain audiences and interactions. Emails, for example, are cost-effective and not invasive. Inboxes are intelligent and sort out which emails are promotions. Other channels like SMS can be invasive because the user will see all messages regardless of what they are doing on their phone. All channels are part of a strategy, so it is important to keep in mind which messages should be used in specific circumstances and timing. 


Q: How can companies avoid their mail ending up in the SPAM folder?

A: Avoiding the SPAM folder relies on a concept known as deliverability, which depends on having the right email service provider (ESP) that provides the sending infrastructure, the quality and reputation of the domain being used which depends a lot on the sustained use of good practices, especially the quality of the contact base is built, and the strategy used to engage the audience in the right way to be relevant and consistent during the time.


Q: Which of MailUp’s services is a good place to start when trying to turn a business marketing strategy around?

A: MailUp offers Integrated technology, scalability, and ease of use: for companies that want to win over the digital market, MailUp offers all the tools to develop marketing strategies via Email, SMS, and Messaging Apps, plus a local Latam customer success team working alongside our customers helping them with their Strategy, operations, integrations and reaching their goal. This extra layer of service really differentiates us.


Q: What are the most common mistakes made when building up an email chain to reach out to new customers?

A: Common errors range from the incorrect building of a database to lacking correct email addresses. Users should also agree to receive this type of communication. When sending emails, a common error is overusing images instead of a balance between text and the absence of specific call to action buttons. Not using storytelling is another basic error since it is what catches the clients’ interest and makes them look for more information. While storytelling is necessary, it cannot be extremely long since it will fail to capture attention and can spur the user to delete the email without reading it. Cheating on the subject should also be avoided since it can make the client lose interest. The email must be concise and clear on the subject.


Q: What are MailUp’s advantages for SMEs? How can your service help them take their business further? 

A: MailUp helps companies of all sizes, from entrepreneurs just starting out to large organizations. Our solution is versatile and can be adapted to the needs of those who require it. We accompany clients through the entire process of developing their strategy and generate educational content that helps small businesses to know where they are positioned and what they need. Our business model is disruptive because we do not charge for the size of the database or the amount of emails sent it is all-inclusive and allows small businesses to send all the emails they need and make their database grow as required.


Q: Is it better to have more data or less, high-quality data? 

A: When it comes to data, companies need to find a balance. Not everything is quality or quantity. There is no use in having a large, poor-quality database but there is also no use in having a very small one with good data. Neither of those options provides good results. A balance has to be achieved. It is necessary to start from a database that is as up-to-date and refined as possible and to polish it as it grows. 


MailUp is a scalable and integrated marketing solution that integrates email and SMS to create quality relationships with customers. The solution is available in over 50 countries.

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