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Leadership is Key to Digital Transformation

By Jan Hogewoning | Mon, 04/20/2020 - 16:52

Q: How do your services help companies embrace emerging trends?

A: Our mission is to help companies transform in different ways, such as digitalization, implementing technologies and using these to help businesses improve their operations. We are in a new era and technology is vital to ensuring a company’s survival and growth. We also believe in transforming the employee culture at companies. This comes down to changing the way they see their own role in this digital era. We have done studies into what makes certain companies attractive for potential employees and have found that leadership is a main factor. If employees have people around them who inspire them and whom they want to follow, they will stay. For three years, we have been developing personalized management solutions for clients and now many of our clients are participating in a program we created together with IPADE Business School.

Q: How are your services structured?

A: Our services are subdivided in two areas. One is the CompuSoluciones brand, which distributes software and hardware products and services from a range of tech companies to around 2,000 resellers. Almost 600 of these clients have a direct relationship with a person within our company, while the rest are managed through e-commerce transactions. The resellers we work with are mid to large-size companies. Their clients, in turn, are in many different sectors, such as finance, retail, automotive and aerospace. Our second area relates to the products and services managed by Tesselar, which we offer directly to end users. Tesselar commercializes SAP products and employs digital solutions to improve company performance. In this area, we work with about 400 companies.

Q: How have changes in the industry impacted your business model?

A: The cloud continues to have a major impact on our business. Half the companies we will serve this year will have their data stored in the cloud instead of in a physical server at the company’s offices. Large tech players like Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Google and Facebook occupy most of the cloud space. By 2021, over 70 percent of the data managed will be in the cloud. We help companies make the move to the cloud and continue adapting to changes in the digital field. We are distributors for Amazon Webservices and Microsoft Cloud, among others, in Mexico.

The cloud changes rapidly and companies can find it difficult to keep up. With our help, they can focus on their core business. Ultimately, I believe company servers are going to be hybrid. Some services will still be supported by a physical server while some will end fully in the cloud.

Q: How do companies pay for these services?

A: We have moved from a one-time sale of a package of hardware and software to a monthly subscription model with service-level agreements. Companies pay a fixed rate for a package that can include hardware, software, Wi-Fi and more. There are many benefits for customers with this model. First, the client can make changes to the services they receive according to their growing needs. The package can be adapted to the financial status of the company. The subscription model also allows companies to contact our helpdesk to replace a malfunctioning hardware with a new unit immediately.

We have also developed a platform that gives users visibility over what licenses they are actually using. As a result, they can save costs by cutting unused products. Many companies do not have an accurate idea of what they are using and what they are paying for. Similarly, if a license is not paid on the due date of an invoice, access to this product or service can immediately be frozen remotely. The data of a company will remain, with only the access being temporarily restricted. This allows banks and distributors to put greater pressure on clients to pay.



CompuSoluciones y Asociados is a technology distributor and a consultant for IT solutions. Through the CompuSoluciones brand and its partner Tesselar, the company helps industries adopt technologies and improve their operations

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