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Mexico City Leads the Country’s Digital Transformation

By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Fri, 10/15/2021 - 11:37

Outranking Nuevo Leon, the “Silicon Valley of Latin America,” Mexico City, leads the country’s digital transformation process, according to the Centro Mexico Digital’s (CMD) 2021 Digital Development State Index (IDDE). Considering the study’s three guiding parameters, the state could further improve by encouraging companies to innovate and adopt new technologies.

In effort to identify macro and microeconomic weaknesses, strengthens and areas of opportunity in the digital transformation process of each state, CMD’s study analyzed their infrastructure, digitalization of people and society, innovation and technological adoption in companies. Although Mexico’s capital ranked fourth on the last criteria point, it currently leads in the first two thereby granting the state an overall score of 217 out of 300. Queretaro came in second place with 196 points and Nuevo Leon in third with 195 points. The underdeveloped southern states of Mexico ranked the lowest on the index: Oaxaca with 79 points, Guerrero with 75 and Chiapas with 71 points.

The report recognized Mexico City’s robust digital infrastructure, specifically its universal coverage in fixed and mobile networks, internet exchange points and data centers with international certifications. It also highlighted the fact that most state residents have basic & intermediate digital skills as reflected in the best use of electronic equipment, incorporation of digital strategies in the economic development and widespread use of debit cards. On top of this, the state has also recorded the highest number of patent applications and the highest rate of female graduates in STEM fields. The states continued investment digital infrastructure and social digitalization advocacy could help advance the city’s candidacy for a Smart City as previously reported by MBN.

Local authorities flaunted this recognition, underlining the state’s strengths in various fields and explaining their plans to improve internet access and affordability. Mexico City now has 19,000 free wireless connectivity points scattered throughout the capital. Fostering the adoption of technologies in companies is different matter since they are private enterprises, but they can encourage the innovation and adoption of technologies through state support and information campaigns in the states informal sector.

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