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Mexico Cybersecurity Summit Is Just Around the Corner

By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Thu, 05/26/2022 - 11:07

Industry leaders discuss Mexico’s evolving cybersecurity threats, risk management considerations and how the new digital reality is forcing companies to reconfigure their infrastructures. Meanwhile, entrepreneurs discuss the added-value potential of self-service technologies and how Gen Z is influencing shifting market tendencies.


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Responding to Cybersecurity Threats: An Interminable Challenge

Businesses and cybersecurity experts have been incessantly challenged to innovate in their protocols to address increasingly sophisticated, coordinated and longer lasting cyber-threats. To be safe in an increasingly hostile digital environment requires the constant generation of intelligence to recognize adversarial tactics and strategy. Don’t miss the insights of those driving innovation in the cybersecurity sector next week at Mexico Cybersecurity Summit. Register now at Mexico Business Events.  


What Companies Need to Understand About Cybersecurity

The risks related to 5G will be new; they will be different from those we are used to. Understanding those risks requires a joint effort among the regulator, which in Mexico is the Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT), the operator, equipment and solutions providers and interested parties, such as clients, which will be different industries,” said Julia Urbina-Pineda, Founder and CISO, CyberIIoT.



Industry Trends

Cloud Services: Not Endgame but Part of the Cycle

Multi-cloud use and cloud should be seen as a cycle and not a final destination; these tools should become the new lifestyle for companies across the globe, said industry experts at Rackspace’s press conference. “The biggest challenge for CIOs today is ‘designing for the unknown,’ while maintaining the flexibility of the business model and of the mindsets of both them and their clients to be modernized along the way” said Rodrigo Martineli, Vice President and General Manager for Latin America, Rackspace.


Transforming Businesses Through Self-Service Technologies

Technology has brought consumers closer to companies, enabling organizations to respond faster to consumer concerns and evolving demands. Self-service technologies are significant business-to-consumer resources to identify potential operations and market opportunities in real-time. “It is crucial to recognize that the trend is to direct technology for businesses not only toward the generation of information and automation of tasks but also toward allowing customers to take control of their service and product requests,” said Alejandro Tejeda, CEO, UXBILINK.


Seconds Are Gold for Generation Z

Generation Z, the first true digital natives, is reconstructing the way that people connect, interact and consume on the internet. Understanding their driving incentives and behavior in this digital landscape will be quintessential to the formation of business strategies, according to Julian Coulter, Country Director México, Google. “(This is a) fertile ground for creators and brands looking to develop new connections with their audiences, positioning them higher than their competition,” said Coulter.

Cinthya Alaniz Salazar Cinthya Alaniz Salazar Journalist & Industry Analyst