Mexico Has Become a Strategic Technology Market
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Mexico Has Become a Strategic Technology Market

Photo by:   Mohamed Hassan
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Cinthya Alaniz Salazar By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Wed, 04/06/2022 - 18:28

Mexico’s digital transformation has caught the attention of foreign investors, venture capital firms and cybercriminals. With this shift, Mexico has become more than an access point to northern markets, generating and attracting skilled talent, foreign investment and a vibrant technology startup ecosystem.

In adjacent markets, technology companies explore harnessing user-generated data to develop marketing strategies and advance the traditionalist healthcare sector.


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A Close Look into the Growing, Evolving Cybersecurity Landscape

In 2022, cybersecurity companies will continue to grow now that companies consider cybersecurity foundational to consumer confidence and business permanence. Their ability to secure the greatest market share, however, will be contingent on their ability to combat rapidly evolving cybersecurity threats, bundle services and consolidate security across networks.


AT&T Mexico Announces 5G Matching Fund

The telecommunications company will contribute US$100,000 per approved project to invigorate Mexico’s 5G technologies ecosystem through a newly established matching fund, which will support entrepreneurs developing 5G projects.



Cloud Computing Interoperability: Ongoing Business Need

Even though cloud computing services have been celebrated as an enabling solution for the digital transformation, their rapid assimilation has inadvertently created unique risk opportunities. In particular, misconfigurations between cloud assets have become a favored pain point: a metastasizing problem that jeopardizes the benefits of greater cloud adoption. 


Business-Academic Collaboration Developing Mexican Tech Talent

To address a growing talent skill gap in technology, private and public institutions need to collaborate to prepare future graduates with relevant digital skills and industry-relevant topics so they find employment immediately after graduation, said Rajeev Gupta, Head Nearshore Latin America and Country Head Mexico, Tata Consultancy Services.


Adjacent Industries

Raise Brand Loyalty by Creating Your Own Community 4.0

With the creation of Community 4.0, brands can generate their own unique and interactive space, incorporating a user generated content marketing strategy that allows companies to understand consumer behavior during a campaign cycle, said Juan José Artero, CEO, Hits Book Group.


Google Health Improves End-User Services

The technology giant made another attempt to break into the healthcare market with a new search function that will show consumers available appointment times for select US providers. This is part of a larger tendency on behalf of technology companies that are aiming to transform a traditionalist market.

Photo by:   Mohamed Hassan

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