Mexico Poised for Data Center Innovation, Leadership
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Mexico Poised for Data Center Innovation, Leadership

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Cinthya Alaniz Salazar By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Thu, 02/23/2023 - 09:04

Mexico is poised for data center technology innovation and leadership, as companies augment their investment initiatives in the country to support its accelerated development. Meanwhile, we analyze the role ChatGPT could play in supporting businesses on a day-to-day basis, and the potential impact of confidential computing in data security. Industry leaders expand on engendering preventive cultures and the influence of blockchain on Mexico’s financing sector. 


This week in Tech news and developments: 



Mexican Data Center Market to be Nurtured by New Association

Key industry leaders coalesce to form the Mexican Association of Data Centers, driven by a commitment to cultivate an ecosystem that could catapult Mexico’s data center industry to global prominence, according to DatacenterDynamics. The group aims to realize this ambition through a coordinated investment strategy aimed at developing specialized talent, while supporting infrastructure and a concise regulatory framework. 


Industry Trends 

Chat GPT: Already a Disruptive Force?

As new technologies emerge, the potential for humans and AI to work collaboratively and maximize each other's strengths grows. With this evolution come opportunities to reshape job roles and responsibilities. However, the key question remains: which areas and jobs will be impacted by these changes, and how will they adapt to incorporate the benefits of AI?


Confidential Computing: The Solution to the Data Security Puzzle

The sprawl of modern digital infrastructures across distributed centers with continually operating workloads has effectively left personally identifiable information vulnerable, creating a headache for industry stakeholders and regulators. This potential disincentive to cloud computing has been seemingly resolved through advancements in confidential computing, but its adoption has been slow due to two important challenges. 


Waiting for the Unexpected: Paths to a Preventive Culture

A preventive culture is necessary to prevent crises in organizations, including financial losses due to downtime. Despite the trend in information technology to predict and remedy downtimes, many companies lack preventive measures, which can cause harm to their business and product reputation, explains Luciano Alves, LATAM CEO, Zabbix. 


How Blockchain Is Influencing 2023 Banking Landscape in Mexico

Mexico is becoming a leading innovator in blockchain development, with notable developments including the Blockchain HACKMX initiative, the Blockchain Association in Mexico and Banxico’s Central Bank digital currency. Cesar Cotait, CEO, CPQi suggests three key considerations for Mexican banks when creating a blockchain strategy: the development of a Mexican digital currency, financial accessibility and the consideration of forced displacement. 

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