Mexico’s AI Regulation, Google’s AI-Tools Push Social Change
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Mexico’s AI Regulation, Google’s AI-Tools Push Social Change

Photo by:   Image by wastedgeneration, Pixabay
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Tomás Lujambio By Tomás Lujambio | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Thu, 11/16/2023 - 10:00

Google held an interactive event in Mexico City, unveiling AI-powered tools specifically designed to drive social change, reduce environmental impact, combat misinformation, and democratize culture in the country. Meanwhile, STP’s Summit offered insights into the financial landscape in Mexico, advising companies to strike a balance between regulation and financial innovation.

In other news, lack of AI regulation in Mexico raises misinformation concerns, as AI-powered tools pose a significant risk for the country’s democracy amid upcoming elections, warn experts. The Mexican Atmospheric Composition Observatory (OMECCA) will be fully operative in November, and it will focus on understanding climate change by measuring CO2 and other pollutants. Additionally, Salesforce and Accenture embark in a strategic collaboration set to revolutionize personalized healthcare in Mexico.

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Mexico’s Technological Landscape 

Google Designs AI-Powered Tools to Drive Social Change 

As more organizations adopt AI, governments and citizens alike are increasingly urging companies to leverage these technologies responsibly. In light of these demands, Google recently unveiled AI-powered tools specifically designed to drive social change, reduce environmental impact, combat misinformation, and democratize culture in Mexico.

Open Finance, AI, Super-Apps Reshape Digital Financial Landscape 

Open finance, AI adoption, and the rise of the super-app are reshaping the landscape of the digital financial sector, said experts at the STP Summit held on Nov. 9 at Foro Codere. Mexico plays a crucial role in this transformation, as the country works to strike a balance between regulations and innovative financial models. 

Artificial Intelligence to Remain Deregulated in 2024 Elections

AI is being used in the 2024 presidential candidates' campaigns for advertising purposes, but with it comes the risk to spread misinformation. Experts warn that because Mexico lacks regulation of AI in electoral politics, using this tool could pose a risk to the country's democracy.

OMECCA Advances Climate Science, Space Infrastructure in Mexico

The Atmospheric Composition Observatory (OMECCA) will begin operations this month, in response to the growing need for systematic data to understand the impacts of climate change. The project will focus on the scientific understanding of the climate change phenomenon through the measurement of carbon dioxide and other pollutants.


Global Technology 

Salesforce, Accenture: Elevating Personalized Medicine 

Salesforce and Accenture have partnered to develop specialized AI and data solutions to address common healthcare challenges, notably pertaining to data silos and compliance issues, reads Accenture’s press release. This collaboration, part of Salesforce's Life Sciences Cloud project, holds the potential to revolutionize personalized healthcare in Mexico’s fragmented healthcare system. 


Executive Perspective 

And Along the Way, an Explosion of Data – and Stories 

Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of technology and data monitoring requires a corporate culture centered on prevention and a collaborative mindset among IT teams and various departments. In this hyper-connected era fueled by digital transformation, leaders confront daily challenges in making data-driven decisions amid a surge of information, often leading to infoxication. " I believe that the greatest challenge for this transition to be assertive and the data culture to finally be put into practice is understanding how to translate data in a clear and understandable way for those who need to analyze it," says Luciano Alvez, CEO Latam, Zabbix. 

Top 5 Trends in Embedded Analytics for Enterprises 

Analytics, through real-time insights, trend identification, and process optimization, plays a pivotal role in decision-making, fraud detection, and fostering innovation. As the industry grows, key trends are emerging, such as the integration of AI and responsible analytics, where organizations like SAS are at the forefront, providing a roadmap for ethical AI implementation. In such a context, cloud-native hybrid platforms, exemplified by SAS Viya, are essential for the evolving analytics landscape, offering speed and adaptability. 

Building a Culture of Innovation

The transition to the digital age necessitates agile organizational models, yet many businesses persist with rigid hierarchies and silos. Overcoming the fear of change is crucial, and leaders can capitalize on a dynamic environment to rethink their company's value propositions and challenge assumptions, explains Marie-Perrie Mercier, General Manager, Autodesk in Mexico. Five key recommendations include embracing business model innovation, fostering a culture of scenario planning, dismantling silos hindering innovation, optimizing the balance between technology and human resources, and establishing a culture of reliable data use as a foundation for business strategy.


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Photo by:   Image by wastedgeneration, Pixabay

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