Mexico’s National Lottery Signs Contract with IGT
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Mexico’s National Lottery Signs Contract with IGT

Photo by:   Alejandro Garay
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By MBN Staff | MBN staff - Mon, 03/07/2022 - 13:09

Mexico’s National Lottery for Public Assistance (LOTENAL) signed an extended contract agreement with International Game Technology (IGT) to provide end-to-end lottery solutions and sports betting services until Sep. 2024. The state agency has partnered with IGT over the past three decades to bring transparency and accessibility to the general public, solidifying the company’s presence.

"LOTENAL has been evolving over the last few years, and this new contract with IGT ensures that we continue providing our players with the highest-quality and most engaging products," said Mario Caballero Luna, Coordinator of Advisors, LOTENAL. "We trust that IGT's industry leadership along with its top-performing technology will serve us well in the coming years." 

As part of the new contract, IGT will deliver an integrated draw-based and instant ticket central system, lottery terminals, a communications network and ongoing marketing services such as research and game planning. IGT will also print instant tickets and provide instant-related marketing consulting services to help increase the lottery's sales. Additionally, IGT will provide trading advisory services for sports betting, including risk management and odds setting.

IGT's full spectrum of services to LOTENAL include lottery game transactions, instant ticket distribution across 8,400 terminals nationwide and the continuous development of new B2B retail channels. It also includes retailer training, field service, call center operations, hotline management, a fixed-odds sports betting retail network, marketing support to further enhance LOTENAL's overall product and game portfolio and installation, repair, maintenance and monitoring of its total base of lottery terminals.

"IGT's successful partnership with LOTENAL spans three decades, and within that timeframe, we have generated positive sales results to benefit many good causes throughout the country," said Jay Gendron, IGT Chief Operating Officer, Global Lottery. "The addition of IGT's trading advisory services and instant ticket printing as part of the latest contract, along with IGT's advanced technology, will continue to be key drivers of the lottery's progression."

In the last three years, even amidst the global pandemic, the institution reported making roughly MX$43 billion (US$2.03 billion) in sales, of which MX$23 billion (US$1.08 billion) has been awarded as prize money, reported the agency earlier this year. 

Photo by:   Alejandro Garay

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