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MSMEs Get the Opportunity to Ride the E-Commerce Trend

By MBN Staff | Tue, 05/05/2020 - 14:41

In the midst of the economic crisis unleashed by COVID-19, an option presented itself for MSMEs in the country in the form of Mayo con Causa, an e-commerce initiative launched by business cameras, associations and organizations.

Mayo con Causa is an online sales platform that aims to reactivate sales in the MSME sector and support its digital transformation process. The goal is for companies to embrace e-commerce and continue to offer their services or products in the face of the health crisis in Mexico. "It is about presenting a cyclical alternative sales channel but also driving a profound transformation of Mexican commerce into the future, once the pandemic ends," said Director of eLeaders Philippe Boulanger in a statement.

During May 15 and 21, the platform will boost sales of businesses anywhere in the country through the website, which includes a directory of participating businesses, complete data on the company and its service offering. Companies can register at no cost on the website, where they will receive the necessary information to be able to publish their catalog of products or services.

Mayo con Causa’s organizing committee is made up of eight different business chambers, companies and associations. Some of them are Mexico’s Internet Association, CONCANACO, CANACINTRA and OCCMundial. These companies and associations are coordinated by eLeaders, a community of e-commerce executives with more than 80 companies. To support companies that join this initiative, the Official Consumer Prosecutor's Office (PROFECO) will provide advice on how to give appropriate customer service.

In early April, the Mexican Online Sales Association (AMVO) launched AIUDA.ORG, a digital platform to help companies. On this site, businesses can coordinate different delivery methods nationwide, online payment options and real-time order tracking and they can do it from smartphones, tablets, computers and laptops. "SMEs are having a very hard time right now. That is why we have to support them today more than ever and we believe that this platform will enable them and introduce them to digital commerce,” said President of AMVO Eric Pérez-Grovas. 

According to a PayU study, in Mexico, the number of electronic transactions in March increased in sectors such as supermarkets with 86 percent, restaurants with 77 percent, pharmacies with 57 percent, as well as electronic invoicing and payment of services with 27 percent.

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