Nuevo Leon 4.0- a Smart State

Wed, 02/21/2018 - 11:34

The fourth Industrial Revolution is here. Understanding the potential opportunities that will emerge from this revolution, the state of Nuevo Leon is implementing the Nuevo Leon 4.0 initiative, which aims to position the region as a smart economic development hub for the entire continent.  
Industry is leading Nuevo Leon 4.0, backed by the state’s government and academia. These three players are working side by side to develop and transform the future of the state. 

The objective is to create a smart state that selectively applies the latest advanced technologies, such as Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) enabled by the use of IoT, Big Data in the cloud, virtual and augmented reality, digital manufacturing and 3D printing, among others. 

Nuevo Leon 4.0 is founded on six strategic pillars. The first is to promote the initiative and invite all sectors in the state to join this digital transformation. The second pillar involves the development of talent, meaning the creation of new academic programs in universities as well as the transformation of the existing talent in companies. Next is the state’s technological infrastructure. This involves assessing current capabilities and complementing them so companies can meet the development needs the fourth industrial revolution will entail. The fourth pillar impacts directly on business models. In this fourth industrial revolution, business models that will prevail will be those that address the digital transformation of products, processes and services. Nuevo Leon 4.0 will register and share these collaborative models that will generate new ways of doing business. The fifth pillar revolves around public policy. In this new strategy, public policy must focus on identification of low value-added procedures that hinder the advance of the Nuevo Leon 4.0 initiative and at the same time propose new norms that encourage the creation of an economy driven by technology. The final pillar is proactive linking between companies and organizations.  

Today, Nuevo Leon 4.0 has a portfolio of 10 pilot projects: six of which are of an industrial nature, one in the services sector, one in agribusiness, one in health and one related to government. In addition, there are five projects intended to transform the academic programs of the state’s universities to address the talent needs resulting from this revolution.