Open Innovation to Revolutionize Business Operations: Capgemini
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Open Innovation to Revolutionize Business Operations: Capgemini

Photo by:   Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
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Tomás Lujambio By Tomás Lujambio | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Wed, 07/19/2023 - 16:50

Exploring the business ecosystem may be a complex task to achieve in isolation. Open collaboration and strategic alliances between organizations have emerged as powerful catalysts for innovation across various industries, fostering a collective approach to business development. From finance to cybersecurity, these alliances have proven effective in creating a healthier business landscape, promoting knowledge sharing and incentivizing active participation.

According to a study led by consulting firm Capgemini Investigations, 75% of surveyed organizations stated that open innovation is proving to be essential in addressing complex challenges arising in the business environment. As a result, businesses worldwide are increasingly embracing open innovation to enhance existing cybersecurity services, develop innovative business models and ensure more efficient investments.

Open innovation fosters collaboration, participation and knowledge sharing among various stakeholders, both internal and external. Capgemini's study reveals that 63% of businesses that adopted open innovation reported improvements in environmental sustainability indicators, while 60% of them said to have benefited financially, improving both their income and their operational efficiency. 

The study also reveals that 71% of surveyed organizations are highly interested in increasing their investment in open innovation practices over the next two years. Businesses embracing open innovation report improved operational efficiency and a greater propensity to adopt innovative cybersecurity solutions, among other benefits. The remaining 29% reported that they are satisfied with their investment in open innovation. Some organizations prefer traditional partners like customers and suppliers to non-traditional actors like universities, cross-sector companies, public agencies or non-profit organizations.

Organizations are taking diverse approaches to open innovation, from corporate accelerators and incubators to corporate venture capital, crowdsourcing and open innovation labs. As the open innovation trend continues to surge, Mexico should strongly consider investing in labs to access a broader range of digital expertise and foster technological development.

Open innovation in the cybersecurity industry involves breaking traditional barriers and actively seeking collaboration with external actors to drive continuous improvement. By adopting open innovation strategies and laboratories, Mexico can accelerate its technological advancement, adopt cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions, fortify digital defenses against cyberthreats and enhance its ability to detect and respond to emerging challenges. 

As Mexico considers its path toward open innovation, it has a remarkable opportunity to position itself as a leading force in the global cybersecurity landscape, fortified by collaborative efforts and a collective commitment to digital resilience.

Photo by:   Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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