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The Pulse of Mexico’s Digital Ecosystem

By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Thu, 09/29/2022 - 13:07

Mexico’s digital ecosystem continues to evolve, driving innovation in the region and capturing the attention of venture capital firms and companies wanting to expand into Mexico. Industry leaders explore technology applications in infrastructure, automation, data-management and the role security experts have in enabling business. 


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Tech Is Ready to Take Off in Latin America: Atlantico

Internet penetration in Latin America has surpassed that of China and India and is quickly approaching that of developed economies, reports early-stage venture capital fund Atlantico in the third edition of its “Latin America Digital Transformation Report.” 


5G Network Poised to Improve Seismic Alert System Response

Since Mexico is a country with strong seismic activity, having an effective seismic alert system (SAS) is crucial. Incorporating new tech like the 5G network is essential to make the current SAS more efficient, analysts say.


EY’s Global Delivery Services Arrive in Mexico

EY announced the launch in Mexico of its Global Delivery Services (GDS) platform, which seeks to showcase Mexico’s capabilities in terms of talent and develop its technological areas. The center will seek to attract the best talent in the country to create up to 2,000 jobs in the next two years. GDS’ office in Mexico City is the firm’s second in Latin America, following the one in Argentina. 


Expert Contributor

Tech Lasso: Security Enables Business 

Transforming a business is not an easy job and technology alone will not solve the many challenges that will emerge on the path from vision to execution, said MBN expert contributor Oscar Montes, Country Manager, Radware. 


Contract Automation Is Transforming the Business World

Companies are now rethinking their business strategies by putting technology at the center of their operations. Today, incorporating tech is no longer a synonym for having a competitive advantage but a must to improve processes, adapt to new challenges and, above all, provide resources to employees to develop activities of greater value, said MBN expert contributor Gustavo Brant, GVP LATAM, Docusign. 


How to Build Customer Trust Through Customer Data Management

One of the most important elements of a business for consumers is the safe storage of personal data. As more stories trickle through of data leaks and insufficiencies, this remains on the forefront of the general public’s mind, said MBN expert contributor Diego Paramo, Co-Founder, EPICA. 


Social Listening for Real-Time Business Agility

With increasing amounts of data generated by social media platforms, companies started to realize that it was virtually impossible to manually analyze this. “SentiOne analyzes this data to understand what is happening within and around businesses every minute. It allows for a simple and fast way to analyze what is happening in their social media accounts,” said to MBN Ferdinand Leon Meister, Director LATAM and Iberia, SentiOne.

Photo by:   Conny Schneider
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