Queretaro to Become a Digital Hub in Mexico
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Queretaro to Become a Digital Hub in Mexico

Photo by:   Minh Pham
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Karin Dilge By Karin Dilge | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Fri, 12/23/2022 - 13:28

The government of Queretaro is seeking to take advantage of young talent to develop a digital industry in the country. The municipality is hoping to achieve that through the establishment of the Innovation and Creative Technology Center, a space where technologies related to augmented and virtual reality and blockchain are teached.

The focus of the institute, which was penned during the Entertainment Gaming Show (EGS), will be based on three axes. The first will be education, as the entity seeks to have a place where students can learn everything, from the most basic to the most complex digital knowledge. “This is the basis for people to get to know, have access and contact with the latest technologies and innovation. We seek to inspire young people to see themselves not only as users but as possible technology developers,” said Luis Bernardo Naca, Municipal President of Queretaro. 

The second axis is entertainment related to education. The plan is to adopt a scheme where young people have access to hours of entertainment, either through video games or other technologies, after having completed a certain amount of training hours.

The third point will be based on entrepreneurship, for which there will be a coworking area that will be improved through a project incubator to sponsor possible startups or boost talent for companies to choose from. 

According to Nava’s statements, the state expects to generate the adequate conditions to attract technology companies to the municipality, while “developing the next Mexican unicorns in Queretaro.” 

The bet on augmented and virtual reality and blockchain is also related to the industry’s focus on the metaverse. “The developments of big tech companies are going in that direction and we are trying to get into a wave that does not exist yet. Now, we have the opportunity to be a national and regional leader,” added Nava. Nonetheless, he acknowledges there is a need to develop infrastructure to take advantage of the talent and give young people more opportunities to develop themselves in the industry. 

According to Newmark, Queretaro has positioned itself as the preferred entity to build data centers by big companies. One of the most recent investments in the state was made by Odata, which invested US$79 million during 2022.  

Photo by:   Minh Pham

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