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Reliability, Cybersecurity Crucial for the Digital Workplace

By Sofía Hanna | Wed, 08/10/2022 - 09:38

Q: How has Unisys’ business model changed to enable the workplace of tomorrow?

A: Unisys helps clients to be prepared to live and work in the digital world. Over the past few years, many companies started undergoing this transformation and had to accelerate it to ensure that they were adopting the hybrid model of work. While some people are coming back to the office, many companies will continue working under the hybrid model.


We offer technology solutions so clients can work from anywhere at any time in the safest way possible. Unisys sees this journey as an end-to-end solution for clients, enabling them to have the best experience from the first connection they have until they turn off their computers.


Q: What are the main changes Unisys has undergone since the pandemic?

A: Unisys’ business model started way before the pandemic. When we designed our own internal transition to the cloud, we took into account that doing so would mean that we would need to allow our employees to work from everywhere. For that reason, we started to develop the means to enable safe, high-availability remote work with the highest standards of cybersecurity.


We designed our internal journey. We did not expect the pandemic, but in 2020, when the world stopped, Unisys was ready to send its associates home to work remotely without technology concerns. This is what we now sell to our clients. We help them redesign their journey to the digital world, giving them the most advanced next-generation solutions to work remotely.


Q: How do Unisys solutions adapt to the different needs of clients across different industries?

A: We leverage our knowledge and experience. Unisys serves clients in different industries and locations across the world. We offer standardized solutions and help clients to scale them up. The solutions are simple to implement and manage and can be customized to ensure that our clients get the business outcomes they expect.



Q: How does Unisys help clients with consulting services regarding tech solutions and cybersecurity?

A: Companies must understand their client's expectations. Unisys also provides consulting; we assess the clients' environments and suggest the best technological solutions for them. Cybersecurity must not be at the center but over everything because as a company becomes digital, cyber risks increase. A few years ago, cybersecurity was only addressed by CIOs and CTOs. Today, the CEO and the board of directors in many companies have included this topic on their agenda.


Q: What is the impact of technology on collaboration and the performance of a company?

A: Unisys has shifted the way it sees the market. We want to ensure that the problems clients face are well understood and well taken care of. User experience is crucial in today’s digital world. Tickets should be closed in the shortest time possible with the highest level of user satisfaction. Our solutions bring the best possible experience to our clients. This is the present and future of digital workplace services.


Q: How has Unisys shifted its business approach in recent years?

A: Mexico is one of the countries we are focusing on the most, not just in the Americas but in the entire world. As part of our transformation, we have taken a less-is-more approach. Unisys used to be a much bigger company. We were a US$5 billion company, but we are now at around US$2 billion. In Latin America, we are present in almost every country, but we are focusing on Brazil, Mexico and Colombia.


In Mexico, we have about 300 people and also serve global clients. We plan to take advantage of what we already have here to expand the business. In the short term, we are focusing on Mexico City and Monterrey.


Q: In which sectors does Unisys specialize within the Mexican market?

A: Unisys specializes in the banking industry. Our financial services division manages 50 of the most important banks in Latin America. In addition, we have a strong presence in retail. In Monterrey, we also have clients in the manufacturing sector. Our focus for the next three years is to continue growing in these sectors.


We are among the companies with the largest capacity for digital workplace solutions in Latin America. Unisys can get to places our competitors cannot. Instead of building from scratch, we want to build upon what we already have.


Q: How does Unisys guarantee clients a successful digital transformation?

A: Trust comes first. A company does not last for 149 years without its clients’ trust. Twice a year, we ask clients for feedback and we are industry leaders in customer satisfaction. Our annual client retention rate is over 95%. In Mexico, some of our relationships with clients are over 40 years old. Although there is competition, clients rely on us, mainly in relation to their critical systems. In Brazil, for example, we are responsible for the mortgage business of one of the largest government banks, which alone holds 70 percent of the mortgage business in the country.


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