Gerardo Flores Zurita
Vice President and Country Manager
CA Technologies
View from the Top

The Rise of Mexico's Economy of Applications

Wed, 02/21/2018 - 09:33

Q: How is Mexico positioned in technology compared to other Latin American countries?

A: Today, the industry has the challenge of competing with companies founded on the basis of a disruptive business model, which is causing a transformation in the Mexican industry. Most of the automobile industry has more investment in software development than in the mechanical part. Tesla is working on a self-driving car, something that has more to do with software than with hardware. This means that all components and data to be analyzed are managed by software. In fact, there are companies that used to be in charge of banking services and today they have become more technical in their software division.

Q: What will help the company strengthen its growth here?

A: We have four pillars that we apply to digital transformation. Companies have realized that if they do not integrate this operations model to the business development plan, they will lose users. Second, operative efficiency has to do with creativity regarding how to integrate the development and operations areas of a new business. The third pillar is the generation of new business models and the fourth pillar is related to the user experience. We can help our customers create brand loyalty among their users.