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SaaS Monitoring Prevents Problems, Saves Millions

By Andrea Villar | Wed, 06/30/2021 - 05:00

Q: What are the main issues a company can avoid by having a solution for deep monitoring of cloud infrastructures and applications such as that offered by Datadog?

A: Many companies are offering monitoring services and cloud infrastructure platforms. The real added value Datadog offers is the consolidation of the different points of view that come from different levels of a company into a single solution, so everything can be observed optimally. This goes beyond the infrastructure. With our experience of over 10 years, we monitor performance applications and provide synthetic and in-depth monitoring for front and back-end infrastructures. The company has been financially strong since its IPO in 2019 as well. With all these components, we provide a unified and integrated monitoring service, fully proven in the current market. Companies often look for established programs to monitor specific areas but anything of that sort is already dated.

Companies can save a lot of time in solving a problem if its origins can be pinpointed. This results in benefits outside of IT because it allows the core, operational and development arms of a company to provide the optimal user experience by improving response times and dealing with complex issues swiftly.

Q: What added value does Datadog provide through its customer-focused platform?

A: Normally, technology projects are a headache for companies because they take a long time to complete and implement. With Datadog’s innovative platform, implementing the solution takes much less time, resources and training. The platform is intuitive, runs easily without requiring much space and is cost-effective. All of this is unique compared to the rest of the market.

Datadog’s platform is fully cloud-based. You only need to open our webpage and log in. All necessary information is shown on dashboards in various layers for infrastructure, logs, in-depth information and more. Furthermore, the dashboard can alert the user about what is happening at that moment. Other platforms do not usually interact with alerts, ticket systems and CX programs. Datadog has over 400 supported integration possibilities, allowing for a more profound vision of what the customer is interested in monitoring. It is more than a simple dashboard; it is an internal communication and alerts platform as well.

Furthermore, we are Sofware as a Service (Saas)-based. This means that our clients only pay for what they consume. If companies need a higher volume of monitoring, they will pay more, but if they consume less, we can offer them a flexible solution in which they pay less. Growing their operations is likewise no problem.

Q: How can these alerts help companies to prevent problems rather than having to rely on a more reactive approach?

A: One of our main objectives is to get our clients to use predictive and proactive practices instead of only reacting. There will always be cases where companies need to react but Datadog is helping to transform the market by giving companies the possibility to act on problems before they become major issues. This allows them to deal with high volumes of traffic in their services. If a company’s service goes down, they can lose millions. Our monitoring can bring these risks down to the point that clients no longer need to worry about them.

Q: How does the company help solve issues for its clients by offering advice on where their weak points can be found?

A: We work through an advisory methodology. Before we implement our simple tool, which is easy enough to just download yourself, we like to consult with the client to see what they really need. Often, clients come to us because they see issues occurring in a specific place repeatedly. During our rapid consultation process, we review whether this issue is really the core of the problem and check if there are any other related problems that we can help them with. What matters to our clients is what is most important to us.

Q: How does Datadog find a balance between benchmarking solutions and personalizing them?

A: We have several benchmarks for various industries. After all, one does not need to reinvent the wheel. Nevertheless, after working hand in hand with our clients and entering different countries, Datadog saw that the needs of a bank in the US are different from those of a bank in Mexico. This is because they operate under different regulatory frameworks. We merge these frameworks in our system and personalize our solution to what companies require. But some companies also work in several countries. We personalize our solution and client attention based on the different equipment and human resources the company has in these different locations.

Q: When a company falls into the so-called "accidental hybrid" in the process of migrating from one location to another, what are the challenges it may face without an observability solution?

A: Companies felt a bigger responsibility to evolve, migrate to the cloud and find the right strategy to do so because of the pandemic and its lockdowns. In Mexico, a great deal of anxiety and even taboo exists regarding migration to the cloud but companies that were forced to do so already see that it is a great opportunity. However, for some, this process was neither quick nor painless and they lost information along the process. Helping clients to stop fearing the cloud is one of the main values Datadog brings to the table. We monitor any type of cloud and know how to work with various combinations. As a result, Datadog can ensure that clients do not lose any important data when they move from one place to another, even if they used many different locations to store important documents.

Q: The company said in its quarterly results that demand is growing steadily for the company’s services. Why are Mexican consumers gaining interest in these modules?

A: More clients are migrating to the cloud. Their architecture is beginning to look rather different. With such a change, companies require an additional service to ensure that both this architecture and its cybersecurity are running smoothly. Datadog acquired a company called Screen to offer cybersecurity as well. Our security monitoring platform detects cybersecurity attacks in real time and helps prevent and prepare for them. This is another important factor in Datadog’s growing demand. Overall, the growing need for cloud services represents a large opportunity for us. We will continue growing and developing the company but seeing our clients happy with the amount of time and money they saved by monitoring their operations well is our main goal. This will mark Datadog’s success as a market leader in this business segment.


Datadog, founded in 2010, is a monitoring service for cloud-scale applications that provides monitoring of servers, databases, tools and services through a SaaS-based data analytics platform

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