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Safeguarding the Internet Experience

Alejandro Raposo - Symantec Latin America and Caribbean
Vice President


Wed, 02/21/2018 - 12:32

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Q: Hackers are becoming more sophisticated. How does Symantec approach this landscape?

A: The top client expectation is to have the best product. However, there is no protection for everything. Around 1.5 million new malware are created every day, the best product is that which offers a rapid response. We use the intelligence of millions of logs around the world to create algorithms and identify threats. If someone is attacked by a malware today, someone in Mexico or Brazil will be aware of this new virus.

Q: What security challenges do platforms like the cloud present?

A: Not so long ago, this was frowned upon because there is a common belief that we can protect everything we have inside but not what is outside. This view is shifting. The cloud is here to stay but we need to apply the same security we have inside. 

Q: What are Symantec’s expectations in this growing and constantly changing market?

A: The expectation is to protect with intelligence, since the daily number of malware will probably grow to 2-2.5 million. Regardless of the industry, every company has a responsibility to protect the information of its customers and employees.

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