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Salesforce Helps Partners Keep Pace With New Consumer Demands

By Andrea Villar | Mon, 07/26/2021 - 05:00

Q: How did the pandemic change the way Salesforce helps companies improve their relationship with customers?

A: Salesforce is the world's No. 1 CRM company, targeting all industries. Our mission is to bring companies closer to their customers in a digital and totally innovative way, using the best technology, such as cloud, social media, and AI, to achieve personalization and an optimal customer experience. One of our differentiators is that Salesforce's platform allows the personalization of the customer experience with a true 360-degree view of all customer data. If one area of the company has one piece of information but another has a very different piece, it significantly affects the customer experience. Our platform provides a single point of customer information. No matter which channel a customer accesses, the information will always be centralized.

As well as fostering internal collaboration between teams, this can ensure a unique customer experience and greatly improve customer satisfaction due to a more efficient service. In fact, 80 percent of customers believe that the experience is just as relevant as the product or service, according to the State of Service study developed by Salesforce. This trend is growing with the pandemic and the resulting boom in digital businesses and e-commerce. Customers are becoming even more demanding, so it is becoming increasingly relevant to have a platform like Salesforce.

Q: What are the biggest challenges companies face today in delivering a unique customer experience?

A: Businesses continue to have largely siloed data related to each customer. This is where Salesforce comes in, proposing a single platform for information that integrates data no matter where it is. This helps maximize the customer experience itself, as well as improve productivity and collaboration. Apart from the integration capability, another of our differentiators is that it is user-friendly and scalable software. All industries have realized that they need to improve their relationship with customers. When the pandemic hit, service and retail companies had to react pretty quickly because they had very little experience in remote customer service and logistics. E-commerce has taken huge strides forward and that is permanent.

Q: How does a company benefit by offering unique customer experiences?

A: Customer experience is the new frontier in business differentiation. In addition to better understanding and serving existing customers, the company can target and engage new consumers. Salesforce allows clients to connect social media behavior with their company's channels to deliver a fully digital experience. Social media is already fully enabling digital business, so companies are poised to capture that demand. The key to keeping customers happy is knowing their preferences and behavior to anticipate what they need and proactively provide it. Companies need to be prepared to capture these new demands. Customers are becoming increasingly empowered and will look for companies that can give them a rapid and unified response. Companies that make the smartest use of their data can offer proactive propositions.

Q: What is included in Salesforce's latest Cloud 3.0 strategy?

A: Technology is always evolving and driving new consumer behaviors. Cloud 3.0 is the evolution towards platforms that provide unified data capabilities and success from anywhere approach so that companies can sell, service and market from anywhere.

Q: What trends is Salesforce watching in Mexico?

A: A recent survey of the country's CEOs showed that their outlook is optimistic overall, assuming the vaccination process is accelerated. There is great potential in the new normal but demand from customers will remain the same. Customers will increasingly appreciate the experiences that companies offer them: the feeling of being known and appreciated.

Companies will also continue their accelerated digitalization process. They know that they cannot be left behind. Those that are ahead will naturally continue to lead in their industry and those that are a bit behind will continue with their digitalization process. Consequently, they are going to need better-skilled human capital to be able to sustain that demand. Salesforce, which is driven by four core values, is the perfect partner for this transformation. In addition to being the market leader in CRM for four years in a row, we have excelled in leadership.

Building trust with our business partners, customers and employees is a value that drives our behavior every day. That trust has contributed to Salesforce's growth and financial results. Another value is innovation, as we launch three new solutions every year that are available to all of our customers. It does not matter if you are an SME or a huge corporation. Customer success is the third value, which is where Salesforce’s success comes from. We know that if we make our customers successful, we will automatically be successful ourselves. We make sure that our customers are satisfied with the adoption, usage and results they expect from us.

The fourth and no less important value is equality. Salesforce is outspoken about fairness and equality around the world. Salesforce believes companies are the best agents of change. We have a program called “1-1-1,” where employees give 1 percent of their time to volunteer while the company donates 1 percent of its capital annually to nonprofit institutions and 1 percent of its products to universities or philanthropic enterprises.



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