Strategic Digitization Key to Business Permanence
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Strategic Digitization Key to Business Permanence

Photo by:   Piotr Makowski
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Cinthya Alaniz Salazar By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Wed, 03/23/2022 - 17:59

Companies that resist digitization will likely not survive. Meanwhile, companies that adopt technologies haphazardly will not endure in the long-term , experts agree. This is best exemplified by the success companies in adjacent sectors that have utilized technology to first optimize their internal process before projecting their model on client infrastructures.


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Migrate to the Cloud Efficiently, Not Just Quickly

The cloud technologies and services market has exploded, further complicating companies’ cloud transition. As such, companies should consider a “cloud smart” approach that accounts for infrastructure and business objectives, said Rodrigo Martineli, Vice President and General Manager, Rackspace.

“There are now numerous technologies available in the marketplace, making the journey to the cloud even more challenging. Companies need to understand what they have, change each workload and application and choose the best cloud configuration to move forward,” said Martineli.


Unlocking Infinite Possibilities Through Digital Transformation

Organizations are only capable of long-term success if they implement digital tech tailored to their business needs, writes Alejandro Preinfalk, President & CEO, Siemens.


Practical Quantum Computing on the Horizon

Technology pioneers report on practical quantum computing advances and ongoing challenges in the race towards quantum supremacy. Applications may begin appearing ahead of initial forecasting at the APS March Meeting 2022.


Adjacent Industries 

AI Logistics Solution Aims to Save Lives, Time

“Data integration complemented with artificial intelligence analysis has created market solutions that have increased the efficiency and security of our clients,” said Eduardo Allegre, Director General, Métrica Movil.


Secure Interoperability Solutions for Public, Private Healthcare

Different systems and structures by medical institutions and doctors makes sharing information incredibly difficult. Gorilla Health is facilitating communication between parties by digesting and normalizing it.

“The issue is not the technology but the processes and resources. We connect to over 100 standard formats and we need to obtain the governance, data-usage agreements and the trust from each participant,” said Javier Jiménez, Vice President Latam, Health Gorilla.


Companies Want Credit Card Traceability, Flexibility: Clara

Tech unicorn Clara wants to ease expense management, providing both traceability and freedom to use card on a single all-in-one platform for ultimate flexibility, says Gerry Giacomán, CEO.



IBM Seeks Injunction Against LzLabs for Alleged IP Violations

Citing the repeated infringement of company patents, the International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) seeks to secure an injunction against Switzerland-based LzLabs from a US District Court in Texa

Photo by:   Piotr Makowski

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