Tech Giants Commit to Climate Change Action
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Tech Giants Commit to Climate Change Action

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Antonio Gozain By Antonio Gozain | Senior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Wed, 04/13/2022 - 14:10

Meta and Alphabet joined Stripe in a nearly US$1 billion program designed to fight climate change by committing to purchase carbon capture technology when it becomes available. Meanwhile, Intel said that it will cut its overall greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2040.


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Smooth Payment Experience Is Essential for E-commerce

The pandemic boosted online expenditure in numerous countries across the world, including Mexico. As customers gain confidence to shop online, e-commerce companies must take into account user and payment experience to make the most of this booming market.

Listen to industry leaders in the panel “Why UX and Payment Experience Really matters for E-commerce” and learn the insights directly from those who are shaping the industry. Tickets for Mexico Business Forum 2022 are available here.

Mercedes-Benz Opens In-House Software Integration Center

Mercedes-Benz opened a new €200 million (US$217 million) software hub at the Mercedes Technology Center (MTC) in Sindelfingen, Germany. The investment will intensify the approach of cross-functional collaboration, said the automaker.

Tax Reengineering: The Means to Improve Collection in Guanajuato

“To meet the needs of citizens and have the resources to function efficiently, federal, state and local governments focus on raising revenue and making appropriate adjustments to facilitate compliance,” wrote in MBN Héctor Cobo, VP Mexico, Caribbean and Central America, SAS.

Building a High-Performing Team at a Startup

“Revenue is widely believed to be a startup’s most important metric. Occasionally, investors prefer to focus on understanding the unit economics of a business plan and force founders to spend days creating discounted cash flow models to estimate the startup’s valuation,” wrote in MBN Miguel Gutiérrez-Barquín, Founding Team, Draftea.

Google, Facebook and Stripe Reveal US$925M Plan to Capture Carbon Pollution

The parent companies of Facebook and Google joined Stripe in a US$925 million program to fight climate change by committing to purchase carbon capture technology when it's developed. Shopify and consulting firm McKinsey have also joined the program, reported Cnet.

Intel to Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions to Zero by 2040

Intel will cut its overall greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2040, said the company. Intel’s commitment is the latest pledge to address climate change by a Silicon Valley giant, reported Cnet.

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