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Weekly Roundups

Thrilling Week for Techie Enthusiasts

By Andrea Villar | Thu, 11/12/2020 - 14:00

This week, Apple took a big step away from Intel. Its M1 chip, completely designed by the company, will be the star of its new generation of Mac computers. This is the first Mac system on a chip (SoC), meaning the first equipment that integrates all processes on a single chip: CPU, GPU, Neural Engine and its security module. “As a system on a chip (SoC), M1 combines numerous powerful technologies into a single chip and features a unified memory architecture for dramatically improved performance and efficiency,” said the company in a statement released after its virtual event on Tuesday.

The world of video games was also in a party mood this week. Just two days before Microsoft released its latest version of Xbox, Sony Corp's PlayStation 5 went on pre-sale on Thursday and sold out within minutes. 

DiDi Pay, a tool for the Chinese company's driving partners, also made its triumphant entry into Mexico. "We are living in difficult economic times and we are committed to supporting the drivers who use the platform. Therefore, we are excited to announce the upcoming launch of DiDi Pay's digital solution in Mexico including an app and debit card, with which drivers will be able to access their earnings daily and manage their expenses in real-time, providing them with greater cash flow and better management of their finances," said in a statement Andrea Picardi, Manager of DiDi Pay Mexico.

Likewise, Uber introduced a new feature this week called ‘Ellas’, which will allow female driving members to accept trips from only female-identified users. The new function, which can be activated at any time of day, will be available as of this week to all-female member drivers in Guadalajara, the first city in Mexico to offer this option.

More news below:

  • Which skills are indispensable for an entrepreneur and what does it take for funds to invest in Mexican technology? ALLVP gives its perspective in an interview with MBN this week. “Entrepreneurs must have a clear vision and the ability to recognize and adapt to change,” says Fernando Lelo de Larrea, partner of the fund. Read the full conversation here.

  • The pandemic has attracted brands to platforms like YouTube to promote their products or services and even reach new audiences. In August 2020, according to Comscore, YouTube reached more than 55 million people of 18 years of age and older in Mexico. This clearly represents an opportunity for brands in all industries, but is it everything rosy? Carlos Herrero, CEO of Extrategia Comunicación y Medios, explains the platform’s perks and disadvantages.

  • Companies are looking to optimize costs but without a cybersecurity solution, everything can be lost overnight. “Through validation, companies can picture different scenarios and ensure that the decisions they are making to optimize costs are correct. If companies can confirm that they are exposed to some kind of cyberattack, they can also visualize what is at risk and what they can lose,” Ryan Goss, Vice President for Latin America and Caribbean of FireEye, told MBN. 

  • Qualcomm will be collaborating with DISH to develop the first Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN) compliant 5G development in the US, allowing providers in emerging networks to accelerate the deployment and commercialization of Virtual RAN (vRAN). While this new technology is growing, how will Mexico face this technological advance?

Photo by:   Ken Suarez, Unsplash
Andrea Villar Andrea Villar Journalist and Industry Analyst