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A Thriving Tech Sector, Technology Breakthroughs

By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Thu, 10/21/2021 - 17:47

Mexico City leads the country’s digital transformation in the country but stands to improve by encouraging companies to innovate and adopt new technologies. Mexican STEM talent draws international attention, positioning the country as global leader in technological talent, which also stands to benefit from US tech nearshoring. Industry experts believe the federal government could take a supporting role in the domestic production of semiconductors.

While there are many barriers to the implementation of 5G, AI stands to facilitate this process, according to Bain & Company. The digital era is also an opportunity to significantly cut both costs and delivery times, says an MBN expert contributor. The Webb Space Telescope will provide deeper insight into the evolution of the universe. A breakthrough carbon emission conversion process can be made less expensive.


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Mexico City Leads the Country’s Digital Transformation

Mexico City leads the country’s digital transformation process, according to the Centro Mexico Digital’s (CMD) 2021 Digital Development State Index (IDDE). Considering the study’s three guiding parameters, the state could further improve by encouraging companies to innovate and adopt new technologies.

All Eyes Are on Mexican Talent

Recent automation technologies engineered by Mexicans have captured the interest of global organizations like NASA, Hannover Messe and Mitsubishi Electric. Domestic recognition and prioritization of STEM fields has begun to yield results, which has drawn international investment thereby promising to catapult Mexico as a global leader in automation technologies.

Post-Pandemic Nearshoring Could Benefit Mexican Workers

US citizens are leaving the workforce in droves, now totaling 4.3 million as of August, reports the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. As companies struggle to fill these positions, highly impacted sectors like tech may begin to recourse to nearshoring, representing an opportunity for Mexican talent. 

Semiconductor Shortages: Which Direction Should Mexico Take?

Semiconductor shortages has punched a hole in Mexico’s production and sales figures. Industry experts believe the federal government has a supporting role in their domestic production as the US opens new factories.



AI To Facilitate the Implementation of 5G: Bain & Company

5G technology is expected to set trends during the next five years, according to Bain & Company, but there are numerous barriers to its implementation. Many of them, can be addressed through Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Digitalization Will Boost Aerospace Life Cycles

 The aerospace industry has lagged due mainly to inherent complexities. “The digital era is an opportunity to significantly cut both costs and time to delivery, from design to entry into the market,” says expert contributor Carlos Robles, Vice President of Central Region, FEMIA.

Webb Space Telescope Ready to Launch

Airbus is preparing for the launch of its Webb Space Telescope, which is planned for December aboard an Ariane 5 launcher. The project will incorporate the Near InfraRed Spectrograph, which thanks to its excellent sensitivity, high resolution, and wide wavelength coverage, will be key to obtain a deeper insight into the evolution of the universe. 

Cheap Carbon Capture Breakthrough

A global team of chemical engineers working with the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia, has demonstrated how gallium liquid metal can be utilized to inexpensively convert carbon emissions, a known linchpin in the global energy transition.

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Mexico has cultivated a thriving technology sector.
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