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Utopian to Think a Company Can Be Fully Automated: Rigel

Fabiola Reveron - Rigel Technologies


Sofía Hanna By Sofía Hanna | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Mon, 06/20/2022 - 09:46

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Q: What benefits can companies get from Rigel Technologies’ RPA Suite software?

A: The RPA Suite increases a company’s productivity. By automating processes, companies can reach higher productivity peaks, guarantee an uninterrupted production line, reduce costs, become more efficient and allow the workforce to be involved in more complex and creative tasks. The software also improves the organizational environment and operational efficiency. The operational risk is also reduced and human errors in the execution of processes decrease.



Q: What differentiates Rigel’s services from others in the market?

A:  We work using AI (artificial intelligence) to recognize components, which allows us to reuse codes for other processes across organizations. Importing external functionalities gives us several advantages and allows us to manage several processes at the same time while enabling the optimization of the costs of many processes.



Q: What are the benefits and drawbacks of a company fully automating its operations?

A: There are many benefits, we can highlight the increase in the operational efficiency, but in any organization, there will always be processes that require analysis and strategic thinking. Some tasks will never be replaced by a robot, such as those that require creative thinking or decision-making. It is utopian to think that a company can be completely automated but processes can be entirely automated.



Q: What would you recommend to companies that are reluctant to automate their operations?

A: Automation is a priority. Some companies believe that the transition is expensive but a large budget is not essential to begin this transformation. We offer services at a competitive price.


Businesses have to evaluate which process can make their operations more efficient to start planning their transformation path. We make an assessment to help our clients decide which processes will generate the largest impact through robotization and identify how many robots they will need for this process. Using this information, customers choose how to allocate their investments. Clients must plan their strategies and understand that they are investing in a cycle of continuous improvement.



Q: In which trends should Mexican companies invest to boost automation in the country?

A: The digital transformation, which accelerated during the past two years, cannot be ignored. Adaptability allowed companies to survive during the pandemic but, now, companies have to be part of the digital transformation and embrace robotization to be prepared for the future. Companies must start thinking based on creativity and imagination.


We aim to add value to the market. There are large opportunities for RPA Suite in Mexico because efficiency is key. All sectors can improve in terms of efficiency and we aim to prove to the Mexican market that businesses can maximize their investments by implementing a digital labor force.


Q: What are the main goals that Rigel Technologies aims to achieve by the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023?

A: We aim to position the RPA Suite in the Mexican and the EU markets, especially across SMEs. We want to sell robotization and automatization tools that support the growth of companies. Our goal is to put our product within everyone’s reach.


Companies need to do an internal evaluation and decision-makers need to be convinced of the necessity of transforming with the support of the RPA Suite. Investing in technology is important but a strategic vision is essential. Leaders must be aware of what is going on in their respective sectors to be one step ahead and to know what the market will demand from them in the future.


Rigel Technologies offers RPA software solutions to automate processes and help companies improve their business, increase their operational capacity and reduce costs.

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