Veeam, Sophos Partnership to Reinforce Backup Cybersecurity
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Veeam, Sophos Partnership to Reinforce Backup Cybersecurity

Photo by:   Image by methodshop, Pixabay
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Tomás Lujambio By Tomás Lujambio | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Tue, 10/31/2023 - 11:40

Veeam and Sophos announced a strategic alliance aimed at bolstering the cybersecurity of business-critical backups. The integration of Veeam's Data Platform with Sophos Managed Detection Response protects the integrity of an organization’s backup environment with human-led threat detection and response oversight. Through a focus on proactive threat hunting for backup systems, this end-to-end solution determines the appropriate actions required to quickly restore affected data, ensuring seamless operational continuity.

“Keeping businesses running, no matter what happens, is central to Veeam’s overall mission, and by uniting with Sophos to create an end-to-end approach, we take another step in protecting customers from bad actors by strengthening their overall security posture and enabling radical resilience,” said Danny Allan, CTO, Veeam.

Veeam's Data Platform monitors organizations' workload and backup environments for potential threats. Upon identifying a threat, Veeam's platform generates real-time security alerts within Sophos' Managed Detection and Response (MDR) for 24/7, immediate, fully-managed intervention. The swift response mechanism allows for effective malware neutralization, including ransomware, network breaches, and other cyber threats, ensuring uninterrupted business operations.

"The evolution of criminals' tactics and procedures often surpasses companies' detection capabilities. That [i]s why secure backups and active protection operations are essential," emphasized Marty Ward, VP of Technical Operations, Sophos. Therefore, “consolidating cybersecurity initiatives is essential to strengthen critical business data for each organization,” added Ward. The strategic alliance between Veeam and Sophos ensures rapid threat detection and swift, efficient responses to confirmed threats.

One of the core challenges businesses face today is the escalating sophistication of cybersecurity threats that target backup systems. In fact, Veeam's 2023 Ransomware Trends report revealed that a staggering 93% of ransomware attacks focus on compromising backups, with a success rate of 75%. Veeam addresses this challenge head-on by significantly reducing incident response times against potential cyberthreats. Furthermore, the platform provides comprehensive cybersecurity guides to its clients, providing them with advice on how to apply the best cybersecurity practices outlined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

By combining technological expertise and proactive threat response mechanisms, Veeam and Sophos are empowering businesses to navigate the complex cybersecurity landscape with confidence, ensuring the security and integrity of critical business data. This collaborative approach to cybersecurity could be beneficial for Mexican companies that show resistance to adopting knowledge-sharing practices.

Photo by:   Image by methodshop, Pixabay

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