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By Andrea Villar | Mon, 07/19/2021 - 05:00

Q: VenturesSoft helps clients with their business strategy, product design and software development. Why should a company choose VenturesSoft instead specialized providers?

A: In late June, VentureSoft celebrated 34 years working in human resources. Our main focus has been on payroll, time management and human capital and, during this time, we developed specific applications for these areas. We have proven our expertise as our cloud has been in the market for 18 years. Some of our competitors have only been operating in the cloud for four or five years and can suffer week-long downtimes. That has never happened to VenturesSoft. 

We were among the first to venture into this technology and we now have 1.2 million employees working in our cloud. Prior to Mexico’s new outsourcing legislation, we had around 700 companies in our customer base, but the new legislation is making companies split up. In June, we were able to bring in 200 more businesses. We are highly specialized and are present in 16 countries in Latin America and we are opening offices in Spain.

Q: VenturesSoft's Human eTime app allows employees to check-in and out remotely using face recognition and Face Liveness Detection technology. How has the market received the app? 

A: We started developing this app three years ago. It does not rely only on facial recognition because we noticed that the technology would also accept an employee’s photo when checking in. Therefore, we introduced the Face Liveness Detection technology, which can identify if the person on the other side of the screen is a living being. It takes six pictures and analyzes for eye movement and gestures. It also does depth analysis, which will not approve a flat photograph. No other application in the world incorporates both face recognition and liveness detection technology. 

Following the pandemic, we decided to add voice recognition so users do not even need to touch the screen anymore. They simply open the app, it detects their movement, they say their employee ID number and it logs them in. VenturesSoft's Human eTime app can also be used anywhere in the world thanks to its geolocation technology. Companies can designate specific geographic locations where their employees can check-in and out and the cellphone detects if they are in the specified area. In buildings with many floors or geolocation points that the phone does not detect correctly, we use Bluetooth technology. This feature is of great help to companies that have most of their employees working remotely. 

All this information is automatically stored in the cloud. If a company is already using other time management applications from another provider, this product simply replaces the fingerprint or face recognition readers that require wiring, installation and maintenance. Every member of a company can use the Human eTime app from their smartphone. As nine out of every 10 phone users have a smartphone, almost everyone can benefit from this technology. 

Q: What are the main challenges VenturesSoft has faced in developing and implementing this technology?

A: It has not been easy. Over the last three years, we faced many challenges in implementing this technology, especially on smartphones operating on an Android system. There is a wide variety of smartphones and some are very complicated, while others are too simple and do not meet all the necessary requirements to use the app. We had to continuously adjust our technology to reach the largest number of smartphones on the market. 

Q: Facial recognition systems are categorized as biometrics, which are considered sensitive data. Who keeps and protects this information, VenturesSoft or the user?

A: The only biometric we are storing is the users' photographs. We do not store fingerprints. Everything is stored in our two data centers that are reviewed and audited annually by Deloitte, which reviews the data security and handling and the confidentiality of the information. Deloitte provides us with an audit report called SSAE 18 SOC 1 Type II Compliant, which is under US regulation.


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