Juan Francisco Aguilar
Vice President
Dell EMC Commercial Mexico

Wary Companies Must Embrace Digitalization or Risk Extinction

Wed, 05/08/2019 - 12:23

In a constantly changing world, companies need technology that provides them with flexible processing and storage capabilities that can adjust to their future business needs, says Juan Francisco Aguilar, Vice President of Dell EMC Commercial in Mexico. “A few years ago, the conversation was focused on how to use the cloud, while themes such as machine learning, AI and virtual and augmented reality were anecdotal,” he says. “Today, we are seeing companies adopt technologies that four or five years ago were not even on their radar.” 
Technology companies like Dell EMC will have to generate flexible and robust solutions to handle the processes and different technologies that will become necessary in the coming years. “The challenge of digital transformation is that new applications and the way companies interact with their clients require a new level of software development,” says Aguilar. The appearance of OTT media services, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video and ride-hailing apps, are examples of how the customer experience is changing. “These new business models must operate 24/7 and have a friendly interface. These applications must have short response times and understand the consumption patterns of their clients to achieve a greater degree of interaction.”
Aguilar says Dell EMC offers the software and hardware tools that companies need to interact with their clients and to process and store apps. “We complement our software and hardware offerings with a deep knowledge of computing users. Dell’s history is based on the profound understanding of its clients’ consumption history.” The company specializes in helping businesses achieve a digital transformation but Aguilar says that in general, Mexican companies are not ready to undertake the challenge that this transformation entails. According to Dell’s Index of Digital Transformation, six out of every 10 companies already perceive technological disruption in their businesses and six of every 10 companies do not know how their industries will work in the next three to five years. However, Aguilar says that what the index illustrates is that most businesses are now convinced that robotics, the cloud, IoT, AI and virtual and augmented reality are the technologies generating the most disruption and that they are already being implemented. 
Although companies are already implementing these technologies, they are not doing it fast enough. “Companies that are digitally lagging face the possibility of disappearing in the next five years.” Of the business leaders interviewed for the Dell Index of Digital Transformation, only 7 percent could be considered digital leaders, Aguilar says. “These are the leaders who have transformed their business and have made digital transformation a core in the functioning of their business.” When it comes to digital transformation, most business leaders are on the fence. Aguilar says that when companies realize the importance of digital transformation, it is often too late. 
Among the limiting factors that constrain a company’s digital transformation are the lack of a leader with a digital vision, qualified personnel, the needed infrastructure to process and store information in a dynamic, agile and safe environment and the lack of public policies that allow the development of these technologies. “Digital transformation has to go well beyond smartphones and social networks. It entails the creation of innovation areas within companies that can help them become disruptive,” Aguilar says.  
In particular, implementation of the appropriate public policies is vital for Mexico’s transformation, Aguilar says. “We need to think not as a manufacturing country but as a country that develops software, applications and new technologies. We need to imagine Mexico as a technology development hub.” He believes this transformation must go beyond businesses to include society as a whole. “We need to specifically encourage children to pursue technological careers and get them interested in software development.”
Aguilar believes Dell has a significant role to play in the digital transformation. “We have the largest portfolio of tools to advance the transformation of data, cybersecurity and the workforce. We see ourselves as one of the most important players for the country’s developmen