The Week in Tech: Data Driven Business Decisions
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The Week in Tech: Data Driven Business Decisions

Photo by:   Towfiqu barbhuiya
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Cinthya Alaniz Salazar By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Wed, 02/02/2022 - 11:25

Companies are progressively turning to big data analysis to inform business decisions, from daily operations to commercial strategies. Moreover, talent scarcity and proliferating cybersecurity challenges continue to influence the expanding digital landscape. 


Here is your weekly Tech briefing:



US Talent Deficit A Window of Opportunity for Mexico

The US cybersecurity talent crunch has encouraged companies to look for professionals in Mexico to fill the nearly 600,000 job openings.


Hits Book Named Most Innovative Company by Oracle

Oracle for Startups named Mexican technology company Hits Book the most innovative startup during its first quarterly StartUp Idol event of 2022. 


Industry Trends 

Microsoft: DDoS Attacks Are Lasting Longer

Data from 2H2021 indicates that DDoS cyberattacks are proliferating and becoming increasingly complex.


The Question That Every Business in Mexico Must Answer in 2022

John Clayton says there is every opportunity to prevent negative cyber situations from happening if companies ask questions and have a preventative mindset.


Incremental Growth for Big Change

Building data structures without purpose will render inefficient and incomplete results, said Hugo Sosa, Managing Director of BigData4All.

“The data structure should be engineered with purpose so that, over time, it produces relevant, informative and actionable data,” said Sosa.


Finding Leadership Wisdom in Big Data

Juan Pablo Daniello, Founder, HORSE, explained the origin and value of his firm’s approach to executive data consulting and the role technology plays in it.


Three Digital Drivers and Their Impact on Business Resilience

Determining how to prepare for the next crisis is top of mind for businesses. Some of the definitive answers will be found in data, says Héctor Cobo, Regional Vice President Mexico, SAS.


Automation: Why Is it Important for Your Company?

Digitalization is ramping up. Implementing an automation strategy can make the transition easier and improve profitability, writes Shelley Pursell, Marketing Director Latin America and Iberia, Hubspot.

“The past two years have brought a radical change in the way we live; our relationship with technology is now indispensable and everything indicates that it is also irreversible,” said Pursell.



Investors to Create World’s Largest Software Provider

Elliot Investment and Vista Equity agree to acquire software marker Citrix Systems for US$13 Billion.

Photo by:   Towfiqu barbhuiya

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