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Wireless WAN Enables Reach, Agility to Support Tomorrow’s Changes

Donna Johnson - Cradlepoint
Marketing Vice President
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Wireless WAN Enables Reach, Agility to Support Tomorrow’s Changes

Carlos Perea - Cradlepoint
Vice President for Latin America
Carlos Perea


Sofía Hanna By Sofía Hanna | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Mon, 05/09/2022 - 11:03

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Q: What does cellular intelligence mean for Cradlepoint and how does it help its customers?

DJ: Cellular intelligence is a term that we use to encompass all the ways in which we optimize the connection to the mobile network, ensuring that it is high-quality, reliable and sustained over time. Cradlepoint provides businesses with insight on how their mobile network is performing and incorporates that information into AI to make recommendations regarding the network.


Customers can see how their employees, applications and overall network are performing and show them how to use 5G to their advantage. There is confusion surrounding 5G and our mobile intelligence capabilities provide a good picture of how companies are using it.


Q: How does having cellular intelligence within Cradlepoint’s services represent a competitive advantage?

DJ: Many companies are starting to enter the 5G market for businesses. It is a compelling technology that is poised to transform businesses. Many of our competitors want to connect to 5G but they are unable to optimize the connection and provide the necessary information. They do not have the specialized capabilities that Cradlepoint has because we have been doing this for 12 years, from 2G to 3G, 4G and 5G.


Cradlepoint has numerous insights into the network and we bring those to our customers. This has differentiated us and explains why our products are better for businesses.


Q: How did Cradlepoint prepare the market for 5G before the technology became available?

DJ: Cradlepoint started discussing 5G almost four years ago with a campaign called Pathway to 5G. We knew that 5G was not going to be available for some time, so the campaign focused on educating our customers on the benefits and potential business impact. Cradlepoint set up a series of workshops, blogs, podcasts, articles and presentations to teach businesses about digital transformation and 5G. For three years, Cradlepoint focused almost exclusively on educating the market.


5G advertising is slightly confusing. Carriers are not always clear on the benefits and different types of 5G. There are numerous types of 5G, with different performance and propagation levels. Availability is different depending on the country or city.


Q: How did Cradlepoint’s strategy shift once 5G became available?

DJ: 5G is a transformative technology and we wanted to approach it with knowledge. If customers had wrong expectations, they could be disappointed. About a year ago, we shifted the strategy once 5G became available and began offering 5G products. We shifted into the Find Your 5G campaign, which helps customers identify the best 5G for them, the best carrier, use cases and the best product from Cradlepoint. There is no single 5G solution. We want to ensure that our customers and partners get the experience that they want.


Q: How has Cradlepoint addressed misinformation around 5G in Mexico and the Latin American markets?

CP: Cradlepoint Latin America recently launched the Beyond Wires podcast, an education initiative that discusses the myths surrounding 5G. The podcast discusses openly what is and what is not 5G and what customers can expect from it in terms of risks, benefits and opportunities. 5G is a platform for business transformation and for integrating services and solutions that can benefit society, businesses and customers.


Q: What are the main trends in the market and how is Cradlepoint innovating accordingly?

DJ: The market is seeing constant innovation as technologies are being combined, while security is still a priority. The market is looking for combined solutions. Companies want a wireless local area network (LAN) solution that uses 5G and includes a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) functionality to create optimized application access, while having full security on premise, on the edge and in the cloud. All those are now combined into a single solution.


Cradlepoint has been innovating beyond just 5G to bring the full suite of capabilities to our customers so they can connect from the edge to the data center or the cloud with one complete solution managed from a single system. This solution is easy to administer because it has shared information and policies. As 5G becomes the network of choice, customers will aim to have a complete solution that includes 5G.


Q: What are some of the key considerations the company takes into account when choosing 5G routers and adapters for each customer?

DJ: There are many considerations behind this decision. Cradlepoint makes several initial questions to understand the client’s needs, including the area they will be operating in, the availability of 5G, security needs and applications they will be running. We use this information to help customers pick a solution, either from us or from one of our partners in Mexico and abroad.


Q: Why should a company invest in Cradlepoint’s services?

DJ: Every business is being transformed, some because of COVID-19 but others because of changes in consumer and employee behaviors, markets and supply chains. This transformation is putting a lot of stress on businesses, which need to transform to address the challenges of today but which will need to transform again two or three years from now not knowing what the future will look like. Cradlepoint has surveyed CIOs, CTOs and Chief Product Officers across the world and their main concern is change. They know that if they do not take advantage of change and embrace it, they are going to be left behind.


Cradlepoint offers businesses the flexibility and agility to support change, both immediate and future. Companies need to build an agile technology stack. With mobile technology, clients have wireless connectivity and agility, which are essential tools in today’s market.


We also allow clients to reach customers or employees wherever they are, which might be what a company needs to open a temporary location or to expand its business globally. Whatever the case, businesses need connectivity. The concepts of reach and agility are crucial, giving our customers the freedom to change today and to adapt to future changes.


Q: In which sectors do you see the largest opportunities for your solutions?

DJ: Cradlepoint offers a horizontal solution that will eventually impact almost every industry. Almost every sector needs some form of internet connectivity.


CP: Anyone who has a vehicle, a branch office or an IoT device can be connected to this type of technology, including employees. In Mexico, we are working with a large number of different industries, especially with those in need of connectivity for mobile vehicles and those who need connectivity for IoT. For example, in the mining sector, which is big in Mexico and Latin America, several major groups are deploying Cradlepoint’s technology to facilitate connectivity for IoT devices inside mines.


Cradlepoint has several use cases with fleet, logistics and delivery companies, which are embracing digital transformation by using blockchain and tracking devices. We also work with tactical units, such as patrol units or ambulances.


Q: Previously, you forecasted a strong adoption of Cradlepoint’s technology between November 2022 and April 2023. Are you on track and what strategies are you implementing?

CP: We are adhering to our strategy. Cradlepoint already has a US$30 million portfolio of opportunities just in Mexico and relationships with many of the largest companies in the country, such as PepsiCo, FedEx, Telcel and AT&T. We also have a large ecosystem of system integrators from partners, with over 50 companies working to deliver integrated services for customers. We have also noticed a great number of extremely innovative use cases.


Cradlepoint, headquartered in the US, aims to unlock the transformative power of today’s LTE and 5G cellular networks to provide an agile, reliable and extensive Wireless WAN edge.

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