Sergio González Velasco
Chamber of the Jewelry and Silverware Industry
Expert Contributor

The Inescapable Duty of Promoting a Great Nation like Mexico

By Sergio González Velasco | Tue, 08/25/2020 - 09:54

It is common to hear our nation described as a country with enormous natural resources, enviable geopolitics and the most valuable factor: a large population full of youth and cultural wealth. However, it is also frequent and painful to hear that our country is spoken of as one of the most corrupt and violent in the world, and with a very marked economic inequality.

For many decades now, we have hoped that a visionary government would lead the way toward “sustainable development” and social justice.
Today, we cannot see an economic recovery beyond the pandemic. According to consulting firm A.T Kearney, Mexico has fallen outside the ranking of the 25 most attractive investment economies worldwide, dropping to 53rd with a negative performance outlook for the economy close to double digits. Last year, China, India and Mexico were the only emerging markets on the index; this year, the list includes China, India, Brazil and the United Arab Emirates, but not our nation. 

Investor confidence has waned and migrated over the past year to larger and more stable markets with more predictable regulatory and political structures. It is clear that the only value of origin that a nation projects in a sustainable way toward progress is a robust top-level educational system that builds a mature synergy of values ​​in the social and economic spheres, in a country where rule of law prevails. 

This implies healthy public finances, with a robust tax collection and a fair application of public resources that is strongly focused on generating the infrastructure that meets social needs and encourages investment and entrepreneurship, and for which trust in good governance practices and legal certainty are indispensable.

It is urgent for Mexico to carry out government actions that send a signal of confidence to the markets, before the levels of economic decline and stagnation are not recoverable for this or the next six-year term.
The duty within the industry is enormous. It needs to integrate the economic units that generate employment and value, building competitiveness through creative formulas that identify, capitalize and translate into opportunities the circumstances that the scenario presents, with a proactive action that affects, decisively, public policies in order to direct them toward more positive effects. 

The company is not just the habitat of professional development, but a culture of economic, social and spiritual growth. The company inspires and draws the ingenuity and spirit of competition from individuals, and enhances their capabilities, as well as those of the nation.
It is this spirit that we need to project and implement in the structure of government so that we are competent and attractive to global capital as a country too.

The most effective universal tool for the homogenization of production is the technological development of communication, and its use should be prioritized.

The greatness of Mexico and its people deserve the dignity of permanent progress, and this can only be achieved by recovering the faith and leadership that give our young people certainty, motivation and hope for a better future.


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