Giovanni Luca Atena
Director of the Office for Mexico, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Salvador and Costa Rica
Italian Trade Agency Mexico (ITA)
Expert Contributor

From Italy to Mexico

By Giovanni Atena | Thu, 10/21/2021 - 12:55

Throughout history, Italy has been characterized as a trend-setter in the world of design. For example, some of the most important firms in fashion or jewelry and accessories are of Italian origin; however, there are also prominent brands that make unforgettable pieces for home decoration.

To promote Italy’s design industry and its creatives in the Aztec land, the Italian Trade Agency (ICE) has prepared the exhibition Diseño con Sabor Italiano (Design with a Taste of Italy) with the support of the Italian Embassy in Mexico and the Institute of Italian Culture.

The exhibition is focused on the home (both interior and outdoor), that space where we spend most of our day. We all want a comfortable home where we feel safe and a sense of well-being, with good quality objects that are also functional.

This exhibition brings together 12 Italian companies linked to various areas, such as interior and exterior design, lighting and decoration. Likewise, visitors will be able to admire exquisite pieces, including sculptures, electrical appliances and fitness equipment.

The pieces that will be exhibited were conceived by outstanding design creatives. There are modern and classic objects for all tastes. The object of a home is more valuable due to its manufacturing and production processes. In Italy, we have extraordinary industrial artisans who create unique and unrepeatable pieces and many of these will be on display at the exhibition.

Italian and Mexican designs have several similarities, each with its well-defined characteristics, but always with the premise that it is aesthetic, functional and of quality. An object is something that becomes part of your life. Some objects even carry a sentimental value, as they are pieces that, perhaps, have been in your family from generation to generation.

Among the companies participating in the expo are Alessi, Artemide, Arper, Duhart, Technogym, Smeg, Pigmento/Nicole Aloi, DVO, Magis, Kartell and Beghelli.

The ICE is the public body that develops, facilitates and promotes Italian economic and commercial relations abroad. Among its objectives is to promote and support Italian companies and their products in the world providing custom fit services and Fair and Exhibition participation. Helping and caring for Italian companies in Mexico is our role, and of course, providing alternatives to the consumer so that they can choose according to their needs and tastes.

Mexico itself is a very large country in every sense. It is a very noble world that does not have cultural tariffs with other worlds and Italian companies find there is good communication with the Mexican market.

Diseño con Sabor Italiano opened on Wednesday, Oct. 20, and will be open to the public until Oct. 24, 2021, at the Italian Institute of Culture, located at Avenida Francisco Sosa 77, Santa Catarina Coyoacan, from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m

Photo by:   Giovanni Atena