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A New Direction Emerges in Dubai for World Expos

By Gino Demeneghi - Mexico Pavilion Expo 2020 Dubai
Business Director


By Gino Demeneghi | Director - Mon, 05/02/2022 - 10:00

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Business never ends, but some cycles do. This is the case of Expo 2020 Dubai, which took place from Oct. 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022, here for the first time in the history of world exposbusiness centers had a predominant role. Of the 190 participating countries, more than 90 had personnel dedicated exclusively to the economic promotion of their countries, where the most notable topics were attraction of investment, promotion of exportable products and services, linking with foreign entrepreneurs, commercial delegations, participation in fairs and conventions and economic collaboration with other countries.

The link between these nations was surprising, initiatives were generated, memorandums of understanding (MOU), trade agreements and even representative offices were established, as was the case of the economic promotion agency of Argentina in the United Arab Emirates and the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Mexico City. In this regard, for several years the Embassy of Mexico in the United Arab Emirates, the Confederation of Industrial Chambers of Mexico (Concamin) and the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry had joined efforts to open a representation of the Dubai entity in Mexico City. Finally, thanks to the strong relationship with our country during Expo 2020 Dubai, the opening has been finalized, which will benefit Mexican businessmen by having an open line to negotiate to and from Dubai. The Dubai Chamber of Commerce will officially open its representation in Mexico City in the second quarter of 2022 and it is highly recommended to learn about the opportunities offered by this entity to do business with Dubai.

Business topics and initiatives held so much force within Expo 2020 Dubai that it did not go unnoticed. In January 2022, an official delegation of the World Expo 2025 to be held in Osaka, Japan, visited the Expo in Dubai to meet with several business centers and learn about their initiatives that caused a new trend in the content of universal expositions. The theme of business is here to stay. Remember that a world's fair, also known as a universal exhibition or an expo, is a large international exhibition designed to showcase the achievements of nations. These exhibitions vary in character and are held in different parts of the world at a specific site for a period of time. The new predominant category of business was born within Expo 2020 Dubai. The delegation from Osaka visited the business center of Mexico, which was an important part of this new trend. They sought to know how the Mexican scheme worked, because the commercial relationship was so important. They also wanted to understand how they could generate more effective synergies between participating countries at Expo Osaka 2025.

Talking about business was so important within Expo 2020 Dubai that the number of related events directly competed with the number of cultural and artistic events, totaling 20 diverse business events per day. Business directors from several countries decided to organize themselves to create an agenda of general interest that would allow them to channel these events in an organized way and not cannibalize each other. There was strong competition to show the best of the countries, their production, tourist attractions, investment opportunities, products and services, as well as visits from business delegations and chambers of commerce and industry.

Some of the hundreds of business events highlighted during the 2020 Dubai Expo included:

Invest Saudi, an event that demonstrated the economic greatness of that country. Although the display was organized to impress the attendees, the content was the most important factor. The profound change that the nation intends to make was highlighted by the country itself:

Saudi Arabia’s socio-economic transformation under Vision 2030 is unleashing exceptional growth across several promising sectors, providing investors with a wealth of untapped opportunities for business growth and success. Explore the data, trends, and value propositions of the Kingdom’s thriving sectors. Invest Saudi is Saudi Arabia’s nationwide investment brand, designed to enable the clear, unified and effective communication of the Kingdom’s investment opportunities to global and domestic investors and private sector businesses. The Kingdom is living in an era where the economy is thriving and the nation is reviving. There is an ocean of untapped potential that needs to be explored. The growth of the Saudi market and a host of new and emerging sectors is opening up doors to innovative investments in a sustainable business environment. 

Global Business Forum Latam.Launched in 2016, the Global Business Forum Latam has continued to explore new synergies and expand the scope of economic cooperation between businesses across the UAE, Latin American and Caribbean regions, igniting dialogue between business leaders, GBF LATAM in March 2022 under the Patronage of His Highness Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, hosted at Expo 2020 Dubai. Towards a Resilient Future.

Mexican Roots. This event demonstrated the best of Mexican gastronomy and drinks, the traditions and flavors of Mexico, together with renowned Mexican chefs, along with a tasting of tequilas and mezcal. These events were held at several pavilions of other countries, such as Estonia and Spain.

Expo 2020 Dubai marked a new era where business between countries dominated, creating a connectivity between nations that will largely mark the course of the following editions of world expos.

Photo by:   Gino Demeneghi

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