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Pacific Alliance Holds IX Business Macro Round

By Sofía Hanna | Fri, 08/13/2021 - 16:00

During the IX Business Macro Round of the Pacific Alliance, held on August 12, exporters from Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru contacted over 180 buyers in search of quality suppliers and products. The main focus was given to Canada, the EU, Asia and Oceania.


The block continues its efforts to promote free trade and business development across the continent, this time through an online event that aimed to address the needs of participants. The event was divided into three phases. The first phase was focused on business development with Asia and Oceania, specifically for the agri-food sector since the Asian continent "is essential for the global trade of these products, as stipulated in the report "Agri-Outlook" of FAO and OECD, and it is also the region of the planet with the fastest recovery, after the recession generated by the global health situation," as stated in the event’s official information. It is worth mentioning that a special position and focus was given to commercial ties with Singapore. Negotiations recently concluded with the Asian country, making Singapore an Associated State of the Pacific Alliance, as previously reported by MBN.


The second phase focused on the UE, again with a focus on agri-food and natural ingredients due to the continuous rise in demand for food products. Finally, the third phase addressed the markets of the Pacific Alliance and Canada, a country that could become an Associate State of the bloc. Unlike the other phases, there was no emphasis on agriculture in this one as it kept a multisectoral orientation that would help boost intra-regional trade and the diversification of exports from the Pacific Alliance. 

The trade block said that the segmentation of the Business Macro Round would allow their companies to know what products were in higher demand by its main allies and allow them to capitalize on the advantages provided through lower tariffs, improvements in delivery times and facilitation of commerce. Flavia Santoro, President of ProColombia and current pro tempore President of the Technical Group of Promotion Agencies, added that "in its eight previous versions, the AP Macro Round has generated export opportunities for more than US$914 million to entrepreneurs from the four-member countries, managing to expand their businesses regionally and towards international markets. This edition contributes to the economic reactivation and the generation of jobs in the countries that make up the bloc. Likewise, it is an ideal opportunity to strengthen the exportable offer of companies in Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. At the same time, it strengthens commercial ties with countries that are allies of the mechanism."

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