Reggiana Riduttori Giving Long-Lasting, High-Resistant Solutions
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Reggiana Riduttori Giving Long-Lasting, High-Resistant Solutions

Photo by:   Reggiana Riduttori
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Sofía Hanna By Sofía Hanna | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Fri, 01/07/2022 - 12:08

Reggiana Riduttori, the world-leading designer and manufacturer of planetary gearboxes for a wide variety of industrial power transmission applications, brings to Mexico a wide array of solutions that range from marine to mobile and winch drives solutions, focused on seizing broad opportunities in the mining, steel and agriculture sectors. 


With over 40 years of experience in engineering, Reggiana Riduttori has designed its products to resist intense application cycles for a long lifetime and high resistance to torque peaks. The company’s specialty is in mobile solutions made with alloyed steels, which have maximum performances, high resistance to impact and great radial and axial loads capabilities. Within this category, Reggiana divides its solutions into Wheel & Track, Swing and Winch Drives, all of which are characterized by compact dimensions, high levels of resistance and easy maintenance. Some of the applications for these technologies are in forklifts, aerial platforms, road rollers and pavers, cable pullers and tensioners, loader and truck cranes. 


“Durability, reliability and strength are the leading values that drive Reggiana Riduttori's team while designing and manufacturing units for port cranes, offshore cranes, material handling, boat thrusters and deck materials installations,” said the company regarding its Marine Solutions. 


Reggiana Riduttori’s Winch Drives offer a compact and flexible product that is meant to resist intense application cycles while being easy to maintain, even when assembled in the drum, as all the interfaces are on the motor side. All gearboxes can be customized to ensure a perfect and simple assembly. Flexibility, a single roller bearing, high input speed, easier cooling and lubrication, exceptional radial load and on-demand bevel design are among these systems’ advantages, which can strengthen boat lifts, marine winch, straddle carriers, mobile and overhead cranes.


Global experience is among Reggiana Riduttori’s key differentiators. This includes all the installations the company has done worldwide and the great references this has generated. The idea of Reggiana Riduttori while expanding in Mexico is to provide a unique service, supporting clients to strengthen their business as they please. “It is up to the customer to decide where they want to focus, depending on their production needs and availability of investments to get a fast return,” said Peter Kristensen, Export Sales Director, Reggiana Riduttori, in a previous MBN article.

Photo by:   Reggiana Riduttori

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