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Transforming Mexico’s Complexities into Opportunities

By Karel van Laack | Thu, 04/02/2020 - 11:50

One of James Taylor’s most famous songs starts with the phrase, “Oh Mexico, it sounds so simple, I just have to go.” For many Dutch exporters, the second part is absolutely true. Mexico is a country with huge opportunities, with more than 128 million inhabitants, of whom more than 20 million live in Mexico City and around the metropolitan area, which has seen rapid growth and evolution.

Mexico and the Netherlands have been trade partners for almost 200 years. However, it was not until the mid-1980s that Mexico and the EU established greater trade openness derived from a free trade agreement that allowed for a greater exchange of goods and services. 
Today, the Netherlands is Mexico's fifth-largest trading partner among EU countries, accounting for 8.26 percent of overall trade between Mexico and the EU. The country is also Mexico's fourth-largest investor. In addition, the Mexico-Netherlands bilateral partnership amounts to US$5.8 billion approximately, according to ProMéxico.

Mexico is one of the top emerging markets in the global economy. It is the 13th-largest economy in the world and the second-largest in Latin America, according to ProMéxico. Moreover, Mexico is the leading exporter of advanced high-tech manufacturing in Latin America for industries such as aerospace, telecommunications, automotive, electronics and healthcare. The country is large and also biodiverse across its 3,142 km, from the northern tip of Tijuana to the southern tip of Merida, which is the same distance from Barcelona to Moscow, according to ProMéxico. 
However, in comparison to the first part of Taylor's phrase, it is not exactly easy to go to Mexico. It is not an easy country where success is just a phone call or an email away.

Mexicans do not sleep siestas after lunch, they compete at a global level in almost any industry and have access to imports from an ever-increasing number of countries. The country has a network of 13 Free Trade Agreements with 50 countries, 32 agreements for the promotion and protection of reciprocal investments with 33 countries and nine agreements of limited reach within the framework of the Latin American Integration Association (ALADI), according to the Ministry of Economy.

This is where Holland House Mexico (HHM) can support the activities of Dutch companies. Besides creating a productive network among its local members, HHM’s mission is to support Dutch businesses by offering soft-landing services that range from local representation, matchmaking and guidance on how to do business in Mexico. HHM has specialists covering sectors like Energy & Maritime, Agri-Food & Horticulture and also assists companies active in other industries, such as Life Sciences & Health.

There is no better way to understand what we do than to spar with us about what opportunities exist in Mexico, how to contact potential customers, what to expect during a first meeting, how to close a deal and what hurdles to expect and how to circumvent them. We can even provide office space with dedicated telephone services to impress prospects even more. HHM is the ideal place for Dutch companies to start their successful journey in Mexico.

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